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Former Kabam Europe GM forms new live ops firm Deca Games

Ken Go's new outfit has already been operating in stealth for a year, helping mobile firms such as Kabam and Gree

Berlin, Germany, August 17, 2017 - DECA Games, the live operations experts who rescue and reinvigorate games, announced today that they are opening up their offering to select game developers. Created by Ken Go, who previously served as General Manager for Kabam's European HQ, developed Kabam's Live Ops departments and served as Executive Producer of Kingdoms of Camelot, the team consists of 30 team members, including free to play experts from Aeria Games, Bigpoint, and Kabam.

DECA Games uses their unique approach to live operations to breathe new life into games on the decline. The team works with games studios and developers who either don't want to or can't handle the responsibilities of running a game as a service by taking over the entire operation through acquisition or licensing. DECA Games provides a way for developers to profit from the long tail of games and enhances the experience for a game's dedicated fanbase with their long term approach to games as a service. They handle all community management, product management, feature development, art, customer support, live events and promotion planning to ensure a high quality integrated service.

Launched in stealth mode one year ago, DECA Games started working with developers including Kabam and GREE and now operates five games on browser, Steam, and mobile, including six year old Realm of the Mad God. The beloved indie browser game was taken over by DECA Games one year ago and has seen the amount of daily active users doubled by DECA's focus on empowering the community, which included developing tools that enabled a subset of players to create his or her own content.

"With games companies needing to focus on their next big hit to continue to grow and survive, smaller older games with a very engaged audience are being put on the back burner," said Ken Go, DECA Games founder. "I created DECA Games to give developers an alternative route to shutting down a game, and for the super fans of these games on the verge of dying. We care deeply about the community, and that comes across in everything we do. Our ultimate goal is to give these games a rebirth and revitalize the fanbase."

"Ken and his team bring incredible passion, creativity and experience to each Live Ops project. GREE values their unique approach to community which focuses on long-term engagement and value creation. In this regard, DECA Games is hands down the best choice," commented Andrew Sheppard, CEO of GREE International Entertainment.

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