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Former Edge-Online editor blasts Future strategy

Colin Campbell leads exodus from media publisher as operations move to UK

Former Edge-Online editor-in-chief Colin Campbell has hit out at former employer Future Publishing over the operation of the online games site as his new venture, GameBizBlog, launches.

In a scathing lead story Campbell explained the reason for his departure from Edge-Online, along with other US-based writers Kris Graft and Rob Crossley.

"Back in December, I received a blunt email from a publisher at Future UK, baldly stating that control of Edge-Online had been transferred from our happy home in the San Francisco office, to an office based in the West of England, where Edge Magazine is produced," he wrote.

"This middle manager outlined some changes he wanted to make; in my view, a gumbo of old media thinking, rampant cost-cutting and ego-driven control mechanisms.

"I resigned immediately, viewing his plans as a bad deal for the readers (most of whom live and work in North America) and for the future of Edge-Online.

"Edge-Online's new bosses claim they want to 'integrate' the online and print facets of the magazine. I believe this to be an error. Although the Edge voice ought to be maintained throughout all its activities, any attempt to reshape a dynamic daily website in the image of a monthly print magazine is conceptually and practically highly problematic."

Campbell went on to claim that print media domination was "over" and that Future's handling of online as merely "some extension of print" was "just plain wrong."

GameBizBlog is a new online publication in association with Intent Media, the publisher behind UK brands MCV and Develop.

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