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Former "Baywatch" Beauty Snatched by Running With Scissors as POSTAL Babe

TV Star Traci Bingham Leads This Month's POSTAL Parade


August 31, 2005

Tucson, AZ - The anointing of a new POSTAL Babe has become a monthly tradition here at Running With Scissors since the "world's most dangerous game developer" and creators of the POSTAL franchise opened its online newsletter, "The Urinal," for business three years ago.

If this month's POSTAL Babe Traci Bingham seems familiar, it may have as much to do with her resume as it does her exotic beauty. A former "Baywatch Babe," Traci has also starred in the TV show "D.R.E.A.M. Team" (with Martin Sheen, Roger "007" Moore, Ian McShane and Traci Lords). Traci has also appeared in TV commercials, calendars and a famous stint modeling for Frederick's of Hollywood. In fact, Traci's pedigree extends back to her teen years, when she attended Cambridge Ringe and Latin school in Cambridge, MA, where her classmates included Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and N.Y.Knicks basketball legend Patrick Ewing, among others.

"Thanks to our recent partnership with Alpha Models," explained Vince Desi, RWS' iconic prez, "we guarantee you'll find the hottest women on any site among our gorgeous gallery of POSTAL Babes."

Beyond the photos, which, let's face it, are the main attraction, each issue of The Urinal also features an in-depth interview that really gets into the girls, so to speak. In fact, it turns out that most of the POSTAL Babes are also video and computer game fans.

This month, Traci discusses her past work as well as her future plans, including her own reality show; a hot new action flick; her status as the official spokesperson for and her secret passion for Gary Coleman among other things.

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