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Fork Particle

Selected by Sperasoft for an upcoming project.

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October 20, 2010                                                                                                                

Pleasanton, Calif. - October 20, 2010 – Sperasoft Studios, a gaming division of Sperasoft, Inc., has licensed Fork Particle SDK middleware to power-up the development of their upcoming game title.

SperaSoft Founder and CTO, Igor Efremov, said, “We looked for a solid third party solution to get us on special effects production quickly. Fork’s particle editor features allowed us to create fantastic particle effects easily. We immediately saw a cut down on production time and the team enjoys working with the effects authoring tool and particle engine programming interface.”

The Fork Particle toolkit streamlines video game particle effects authoring and its effects technology engine simulates the next generation quality effects in real-time. The particle effects editor tool is user-friendly and its live update component reduces iteration time drastically. The high performance real time particle engine technology incorporates parallel processing with specific optimizations for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Fork Particle solution enables game developers to focus creative energies on top notch special effects to enhance graphics realism.

Founder and CEO of Fork Particle, Inc., Noor Khawaja, welcomed SperaSoft’s decision to license Fork Particle middleware technology, “SperaSoft can save time and jump ahead to spend valuable project time on particle effects content creation and get impressive results. The Fork Particle team is committed to deliver cutting edge particle effects tools and technology for rapid high quality development.”

About SperaSoft

SperaSoft, Inc. is a high-value U.S. outsourcing specialist headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley, with multiple development centers based in Russia and Eastern Europe. Founded in 2004, the company's U.S.-based senior management team recruits and directs stable, highly qualified, client-specific technical teams that provide the continuity clients need and depend on for the life of their projects. Management's long experience at such leading U.S. technology companies as Sun Microsystems and Electronic Arts, gives them a keen understanding of U.S. business practices, data security needs and compliance requirements. By combining experienced U.S. management with stable offshore technical teams, SperaSoft delivers high-value software and professional services that leverage the unmatched technology educations gained in Russia's advanced teaching institutions. For more information about SperaSoft products and services, visit, or call +1-408-715-6615.

About Fork Particle

Fork Particle is the leading tools and middleware provider of advanced real-time particle effects simulation technology and authoring solutions to video games and virtual simulator software developers. The Fork Particle solution streamlines particle visual effects production pipeline and enables developers to create next generation visual effects to enhance the graphics quality of their products. The Fork Particle technology is licensed by Microsoft, THQ, Take Two Interactive, and other major game developers.

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Contact:  Tajwar Khawaja

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