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Ford Racing 3 Russian Release Announcement

Moscow, November 20, 2004

Title: Ford Racing 3

Platform: PC

Akella is glad to inform you that Ford Racing 3 went gold in Russia on November 19, 2004. The game will be available on November 24, 2004.

The Ford Racing simulator is made under exclusive license from Ford Motor Company, one of the most famous automobile producers in the world. Ford Racing 3 features 55 different Ford cars from archaic Model T Sedan to the latest models of powerful GT series. A pack of new tracks is also added to make the game more representative and thus interesting to real racing admirers.

The graphics engine was significantly improved. Car models became more detailed, totally copying their real prototypes. The tracks and environments are enriched with many appropriate details, too. The game physics is now even more realistic and capable of simulating different cars behavior considering their unique traits.

Ford Racing 3 is made to deliver true racing experience even to the most demanding gamers.

The release is scheduled to early November, 2004.

Game Features:

  • 55 minutely reconstructed Ford automobiles of all epochs and purposes including trucks and even unreleased concepts;
  • 26 picturesque tracks from smooth highways to bumpy off-road passages;
  • Unlock more game modes, cars and tracks through mastering the challenges;
  • Exclusive Ford Competition mode includes 14 championships;
  • Up to 6 simultaneous players via LAN.

About Akella (

Headquartered in Moscow, Akella is one of the leading companies on Russian gaming market. Founded in 1995, Akella specializes in developing, publishing and distibuting of computer games and multimedia products, having more than 20 projects developed and more than 200 published. Main Akella's in-house titles are Sea Dogs, Age of Sail 2, Privateer's Bounty: Age of Sail 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean. All of them were critically acclaimed both in Russia and outside it. Moreover, Pirates of the Caribbean was first Russian product based on Hollywood blockbuster movie. Much attention is paid to fast-growing console games market. Akella is the first Russian company that started deloping projects for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Since 1997, Akella localizes and publishes products of its foreign partners on Russian market. Among others, company has localized such bestsellers as Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and XIII from Ubisoft, Akella actively collaborates with independent developers, distributing their games on ex-USSR territory and worldwide.

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