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Football SuperStars

Online sports sim-cum-RPG to launch later this year.

Football Superstars is a free to play football MMO, published by UK Company CyberSports. It is the world’s first virtual footballing world - an interactive online virtual world designed for football fans to live a top footballer’s lifestyle and is due for release in late 2008.

Once downloaded, players re-create themselves online as a footballer and then have free reign in the state of the art interactive virtual world. Players can play their way from three-a-side up to eleven-a-side matches, gaining attributes and skills in order to specialise in their chosen playing position.

Once the basic skills have been learned on the training pitch, players can choose between unranked casual games, ranked Football Superstars league matches organised by the game and player organised league matches with player manager clubs. All of which will be backed up by extensive web support from developer Monumental Games, which would include downloadable replay videos of every competitive match. All the players – with the exception of the goalkeepers – are controlled by humans, leaving it as close an experience to the real thing as you can get, with the run of play shaped by the twenty human players.

The individuals you play with and against are all of the same skill level as yourself, so your aim as in the real world - is to become a better virtual footballer. You can then play at ever higher levels and enjoy all the financial and lifestyle trappings that will inevitably follow. In simple terms, the better you play the better and more fulfilling your experience in the virtual world will be.

Players are paid for the games they play in Football Superstars currency, of which there are two types-dollars and bonds. The bonds can be bought with real money and used to purchase special privileges and items. Again, following the real world, the higher the level you play the higher your wages, all of which can then be spent in the game’s two vast virtual towns, which have the capacity to host millions of other football fans online at the same time.

Away from the pitch you can socialise in restaurants, bars and clubs and visit shops where you can buy the latest branded football equipment – which aids your progress on the pitch – and designer clothes. You can train in gyms to enhance your physical attributes, which also improves your playing skills, or flirt with the paparazzi in a bid to enhance your fame and status and gain access to the most exclusive clubs and venues.

The result of all this career and lifestyle building is the chance of that big dream transfer, on the pitch glory, off-the-pitch glamour and the opportunity to become the world’s ultimate Football Superstar.

About CyberSports

Formed in 2006, CyberSports are focused on their goal of dominating the online sports game market by developing and publishing a new generation of MMOG’s; persistent 3D virtual multi-player sports worlds appealing to the widest possible global audience. CyberSports will launch Football Superstars, a revolutionary MMOG which will bring together the most realistic football simulation ever and a football-based aspirational persistent world. Football Superstars will become the destination of choice for those who love playing and watching football.

About Monumental Games

Monumental (Nottingham, UK) was founded in 2005 by video game industry veterans and is an independent UK video game developer and a provider of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO) technology through its Monumental Technology Suite (MTS). Monumental Games has been involved in licensed third party video game development projects for Microsoft Windows, video game consoles and MMOG’s with several video game development studios and publishers, including Codemasters, Eidos, Climax and Kuju. Monumental Games develops, employs, and licenses an MMO game development technology suite for use with its in-house and licensed third party developed MMO game products.

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