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Football SuperStars

250,000 gamers have taken to the field, to date.

Football Superstars, the world’s first virtual football world, has broken the quarter of a million, registrations barrier. The excitement amongst gamers and football fans in the run up to the now live CyberSports published game has been reflected in the huge increase in registrations since October, with the number signed up doubling in just seven weeks.

The marketing campaign began in May 2008, with 25,000 registrations signed up to the free to play and download football MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) and by October the first target of 100,000 had been reached. The recent publicity surrounding the game, available on, has seen this double to 200,000 by the end of November. The number now stands just over an impressive 250,000. This strength of support amongst the online community has been echoed on the website’s forum, on which 60,000 registrants have interacted, and 220,000 individual games of football have already been played in the last eight weeks – an astonishing half a million man hours of game play.

In Football Superstars, players re-create themselves online as a footballer and then have free reign in a state of the art interactive virtual world. Players can play their way from 3-a-side up to full 11-a-side matches, gaining new attributes and skills in order to specialise in their chosen playing position. Away from the pitch players can socialise in restaurants, bars and clubs and visit virtual stores where they can buy equipment and clothes. Players can train in gyms and on training pitches to enhance their skills or flirt with the paparazzi in a bid to boost their fame and status and gain access to the most exclusive clubs and venues.

Phil Booker, CyberSports Head of Sales and Marketing, said: “Breaking the 250,000 barrier is an incredible achievement. It’s fantastic to see the results of the combination of strategic partnerships that we have set up and our marketing strategy using PPC, SEO and viral marketing paying off with such a large number of registrations. We’ve had great support from DBD Media and Infectious Media amongst others, and with their continued support, the registrations will continue to grow and Football Superstars will be the success that our hard work promises.”

About CyberSports

Formed in 2006, CyberSports are focused on their goal of dominating the online sports game market by developing and publishing a new generation of MMOG’s; persistent 3D virtual multi-player sports worlds appealing to the widest possible global audience.

CyberSports are the publishers Football Superstars, a revolutionary MMOG which brings together the most realistic football simulation ever and a football-based aspirational persistent world.

Football Superstars will become the destination of choice for those who love playing and watching football.

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