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Audio middleware out for Sony's latest portable.

The FMOD Ex API and the FMOD Designer tool will give developers advanced solutions for the audio programming within their software titles for NGP and for the first time, FMOD will bring leading AAA audio features to a portable entertainment system.

The release of the FMOD middleware includes all the FMOD features that developers are used to when working on blockbuster software titles for the systems.

With the increase in performance that NGP has brought, it has opened up many opportunities for developers to really push the audio within their development.

“We have worked with SCE for many years now and we are very excited by NGP. FMOD’s DSP engine will be off-loaded to the NGP media engine. The performance that this will provide, will give the flexibility that FMOD users are used to, with little or no extra CPU cost” said Brett Paterson, CEO Firelight Technologies.

The FMOD integration is quite extensive and by unlocking the power of NGP, Firelight Technologies hopes to support developers as we begin to bring next generation audio to this next generation portable entertainment system.

The FMOD integration is now available to registered developers for NGP and can be secured for evaluation direct from FMOD,


About FMOD:

Winner of the 2008 and 2011 Frontline Award for Best Audio Tool, the FMOD Ex is a world-leading library for the creation and playback of interactive audio. FMOD products are widely used in the games industry and have gained a strong reputation for its ease of use, powerful software-mixed architecture and comprehensive cross-platform support. FMOD supplies audio solutions to many of the leading video game developers. FMOD also has established support for the largest range of platforms and also supports many of the widely used development engines such as CryENGINE, Unity, Vision, Shiva and now Unreal Engine 3.  FMOD is also used widely in the Simulator market, both civil and defence and includes clients such as Lockheed Martin, and Kraus Maffei.

Current FMOD titles include: Guitar Hero, Dragon Age, Alan Wake, Bioshock 2, Starcraft2, Sim City iPad, WoW, Lego Universe, L.A. Noire, Sims 3: Deus Ex 3, Batman: Arkham Asylum.  FMOD has also supported some 300 + iPhone projects. 

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