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Flyff: Fly for Fun

To be operated by VDC Net2E in Vietnam.

Tokyo, Japan – March 12, 2009 – Gala Inc. today announced that Aeonsoft Inc., Seoul based subsidiary of Gala Inc., and VDC Net2E (based in Hanoi, Vietnam), signed a licensing agreement for the operation of the online game Flyff Online.

1. Overview of the Vietnam Service

VDC Net2E is a subsidiary of the Vietnam Data Communication Company (V state affiliated telecommunications provider. VD Net2E is the operator of Vietnam's online games portal, which has a membership of 2.3 million and whose max CCU average 10,000. By partnering with VDC Net2E, Gala seeks to expand its services further.

2. Overview of Flyff Online

Flyff is the first fantasy themed massively multiplayer online role playing game to feature a free form flying system. Cute characters and a casual atmosphere make the game friendly to  gamers of all ages and genders. Flyff is currently provided for audiences in eleven countries, namely Korea, Japan, the United States, Taiwan, Germany, France, Thailand, the Philippines, Chili, China, and Hong Kong. Vietnam will be the twelfth.

4.Future efforts in the online games business

The Gala Group will continue to strive to expand its online businesses in order to provide superior games to users around the world.


Akiko Kokado

Office of Group Strategy, Gala Inc.

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TEL: 03 5778 0324 (+81 3 5778 0324 from overseas)

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