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World War I PC Combat Flight Simulator from the Movie, FLYBOYS Lands for Christmas With Three Games in One!

CARY, NC, November 8, 2006 - iEntertainment Network, (PINK SHEETS: - News), the award-winning developer of the world famous WarBirds TotalSims series, today announced that FLYBOYS Squadron, the World War I combat flight simulator based upon the MGM movie Flyboys, will be available November 16th on retail shelves. The FlyBoys Squadron retail package will also include 1 month of free online massively multiplayer gaming on IENT's servers with hundreds of other players from around the world. Also included in the retail package are two free bonus award-winning massively multiplayer games, WarBirds and Armored Assault, a $50 value.

"FlyBoys Squadron is an ideal game for people who enjoy the challenge of flying and the strategy of dogfighting," said retired USAF pilot and CEO of iEntertainment, J.W. 'Wild Bill' Stealey, who has over 4,000 U.S. Air Force military flying hours. "Having taught more than 200 Air Force Lieutenants how to fly in the military, I think we can really teach players how to fly while they are having fun and learning to dogfight with FlyBoys Squadron."

"With its E (Everybody) rating, FLYBOYS Squadron is a game that kids, dads, moms, and grandparents can play together either at the same computer or networked together over the Internet on multiple computers even if separated by thousands of miles," Stealey added. "They can enjoy the experience and challenge of flying paired with the adrenaline of surviving WWI dogfights."

Accuracy, History, Fun

Inspired by the true story of the legendary Lafayette Escadrille, the first American fighter pilots, the FLYBOYS movie featured some of the world's top acrobatics pilots. The aerial combat flying maneuvers, or dogfighting techniques and sequences lauded in the movie are reenacted in this faithful PC game.

FLYBOYS Squadron combines skills building and strategy, with the thrill of flying and the pressure of relentless combat. Players encounter a wide range aircraft such as the Nieuport 17 biplane modeled after authentic WWI fighter planes from the Flyboys movie. Game missions mirror the movie's action, as flyers ascend and fight over real terrains in Europe, modeled and mapped from real satellite data. From fight engagements, to bomber escort missions, to shooting down a Zeppelin, the game provides hours of battle without the blood of many of today's hyper-violent games. FLYBOYS Squadron tests players' abilities to take off and land safely, learn evasive and attack maneuvers and manage resources such as fuel and ammunition while achieving increasingly challenging mission objectives. FLYBOYS Squadron keeps the tension of battle high, but eliminates the hassle of too much flight simulator activity.

The single player flight simulation and dogfighting game includes 12 missions with four different skill levels, more than 25 Instant Action missions that are different every time they are played, 3 secret missions, and the ability for players to fly in any one of 10 different terrains with more than 100 different planes and vehicles. iEntertainment will also provide continuous free updates and new missions to the retail game over the next year, including new missions. Retail purchasers also get as a bonus the two famous massively multiplayer games, WarBirds 2006 (World War II flying) and Armored Assault, (World War II tank game) which allow players to play offline and online with World War II airplanes and tanks.

Retail purchasers of FlyBoys Squadron will automatically gain free access to one month of unlimited play at the MMOG site,, featuring FlyBoys Squadron, WarBirds 2006, a World War II Flight Simulator, and a World War II Tank simulator, Armored Assault. For more information visit

About iEntertainment Network Inc.

iEntertainment Network, Inc. (PINK SHEETS: IENT - News) is a leading provider of online entertainment communities and publisher of online and retail games. WarBirds 2006, IENT's premiere massively multiplayer flight simulation software for PC and MAC computers has won numerous Best Online Simulation Game awards around the world and attracts players from more than 70 countries. Visit and for a complete description of WarBirds 2006 and all of iEntertainment's games.

About Electric Entertainment:

Electric Entertainment is a full service film, television, and new media production company headed by veteran producer Dean Devlin with partners Kearie Peak, Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan. Electric is famed for MGM's Flyboys; Eight Legged Freaks, released by Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow; New Line's 2004 release Cellular starring Kim Basinger; and Sony Picture Classics' documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? Electric's television credits include ratings winner The Librarian, starring Noah Wyle on TNT network and its sequel, The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines, airing this December on TNT; and The Sci Fi Channel's Emmy-Award winner, The Triangle. Additionally, Electric Entertainment owns and runs the online daily independent film news magazine IF.

The Flyboys movie, was directed by Academy Award winner Tony Bill (Producer of The Sting) and produced by Dean Devlin (Independence Day, The Patriot, Stargate) and Marc Frydman (Commander In Chief, The Jacket). James Franco (Spider-Man 1 and 2, Tristan & Isolde, Annapolis) stars with Martin Henderson (The Ring, Torque) and Jean Reno (The Pink Panther, The Da Vinci Code).


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