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More Pet System pals, more ship parts... just more, more, more in latest update to seafaring MMORPG.

MUNICH - Nov. 29, 2010

burda:ic, a leading publisher of online games worldwide, today announced the latest update for maritime fantasy MMORPG Florensia. The newest expansion includes more Pet System pals, brand new parts for never-before-seen ships, and a new Item Option Fusion system along with upgrades for the already existing SealBreak system.

Players will be happy to learn that the types of pets now available in the Pet System include Combat pets, a new species of helpers that come in three varieties: Warrior, Archer, and Wizard. Each Combat Pet can be leveled up and will evolve as they gain experience while fighting. Just make sure to keep them happy by feeding them some treats from the Spirit Manager or they may decide to stand you up during battle!

New ships have also been spotted on the open seas, with this latest update offering 250 new ship parts that can be used to assemble 10 new vessels. Monsters from both the land and sea will now drop items that can be turned into the new ship parts that, in turn, can be used to assemble the new ship. Recipes for turning both dropped items into ship parts and assembling ships can be obtained by speaking with Owner of the Dockyard in Cherrytown.

Additionally, players now have the ability to add random effects to both armor and weapons with the new Item Option Fusion. Ten different effects can now be infused into items, with each item able to hold up to four effects. Effects added to items are randomly generated during the process, and players can choose to delete undesired effects generated and try the Item Option Fusion again. Island Lord NPCs can assist with the process, but keep in mind that there’s always a chance the upgrade itself could fail.

For more information on this massive update for the world of Florensia, including locations of NPCs for these latest changes and details about the SealBreak system upgrades, check out the official site at

About Florensia

Florensia is a free-to-play, maritime MMORPG that blends vibrant, colorful graphics with classically accessible gameplay. Choosing one of four starting classes, from the sword-wielding Mercenary to the spell casting Noble, players will do battle with a huge variety of weapons and magical abilities as they explore expansive, underground dungeons and sail uncharted seas. Players from every corner of the globe have already signed up and headed out in search of adventure, and there has never a better time to join them in the wild and wonderful world of Florensia.

About burda:ic & alaplaya

burda:ic GmbH is a leading free-to-play PC online games publisher headquartered in Munich, Germany. burda:ic markets and distributes massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) such as Avalon Heroes, S4 League, and LOCO – Land of Chaos Online. Its innovative alaplaya Gaming platform has continued to grow rapidly since its launch in summer 2007, with an anticipated 10 million registered users by end of 2010. More information about burda:ic is available at

Ryan Morgan, TriplePoint for burda:ic


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