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Flight Doodle

Hot-air balloon game free today via FreeAppADay, and there's an update for it too.

September 16, 2010 -- New York, NY -- Eyedip announces a new “All Out” mini-game, 2nd gen device support, and more in a new update for Flight Doodle and Flight Doodle HD in the App Store. To celebrate this wildly addictive, tilt-controlled doodle game and its new free-flying mode, Flight Doodle will be featured as the FreeAppADay Gold App on September 17th!

 This high-flying hot-air balloon game is an action-packed thrill ride where players gather tools and power-ups that help them soar skyward while avoiding varied enemies and obstacles. The new “All Out” gameplay mode introduces an entirely new dynamic! In this mode, players no longer have to deal with pesky enemies trying to burst their bubbles. Instead, they must collect a chain of star power-ups to propel them to extreme altitudes. As a mini easter-egg, players access the new mode by inverting the menu screen!

“We love all the feedback we’ve received from our fans! The ‘All Out’ Mode is great fun, and we’ve adjusted the controls, initial difficulty, and improved the global leaderboard support,” says Steven Fleisher, co-founder of Eyedip. Flight Doodle now also supports 2nd Gen devices and includes a bevy of new features such as wind animations and even a Flight Doodle balloon companion on the menu screen.

“We think this update has wildly improved on the original and we’re excited to entice everyone to try it out free tomorrow!” Says Jeremy Adelman, co-founder of Eyedip. “We’re also planning to add even more mini-games and features in the next few weeks.”

Flight Doodle for iPhone (normally $0.99) will be available free on Friday, September 17 from the iTunes App Store at

Flight Doodle HD for the iPad is available for $2.99 from the iTunes App Store at

Flight Doodle Lite for the iPhone is available free from the iTunes App Store at

Flight Doodle Youtube link:


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About Eyedip:

Eyedip is a mobile entertainment company specializing in development and distribution of software and applications. Eyedip was founded in May of 2009 by Jeremy Adelman and Steven Fleisher, pooling their entrepreneurial drive and creative spirit to create innovative entertainment and lifestyle applications for Smartphone users. Since the company’s entrance into the app development community, Eyedip has released 14 successful apps into the App Store and is committed to consistently producing original and addictive apps. For more info, please visit

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