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Flight Control

Flying high in App Store top 10s around the world.


Melbourne, Australia, 12 March 2009

Firemint today issued a warning to App Store shoppers. Early reports indicate that the company's new game, Flight Control, may be highly addictive. Firemint recommends small doses to be taken as part of a balanced lifestyle.

"My first 5 star app! Can't...stop....playing....!"

"Love it! Simple but incredibly addictive"

"I can't stop trying to break the highscore."

- App Store customers

Within a few days of release, the game has entered the top 10 charts in many countries, including #1 paid game in the Netherlands, #3 in Finland, #4 in Taiwan and rising rapidly in other regions. Purchasers are generous with their praise, and the game currently has an average worldwide review score of 4.63 out of 5 stars.

“Can't stop playing this, perfect controls, simple idea, incredibly addictive, one more go gameplay”

“Great stress reliever, great fun, great mobile gamine experience”

“This is the best game on in the AppStore!”

“This is my new favourite game for the iPhone”

- App Store customers

Professional reviewers agree:

“Incredibly fun... while the game seems incredibly simple on the surface, the company has managed to hit upon the winning balance of easy pick-up gameplay, ramping difficulty and tickling the need to try “just one more time”… we’re big fans of the game”

- Arnold Kim, Touch Arcade

The game delights with broad appeal and quirky humour. Its polished graphics and music evoke the golden era of aviation. “We’ve been really pleased by the wide adoption of the game. People love the simplicity and style, and are on Twitter confessing to their addiction. We’re even hearing stories about married couples competing against each other to get the higher score” said Alexandra Peters, Firemint’s Community Liaison for the game.

Gameplay is easy to learn - just touch and drag planes to their runways - but difficult to master, as more and more aircraft appear and the player is challenged to redirect them to avoid mid-air collisions. The unique control method is only possible on the iPhone and iPod Touch, with the player drawing flight paths directly on the screen. Aircraft can fly in a straight line, an elegant curve or more complex patterns. Players have even been observed performing intricate skywriting manoeuvres. Flight Control is ideal for two minutes or two hours, with extremely fast “two-taps-to-play” startup and "just one more go" gameplay.

"The game is something I refer to as ultra-casual. It is quick to play but extremely addictive," said Robert Murray, CEO of Firemint and the game’s designer. "Games that are typically called casual have become surprisingly complex. I think they have lost their way".

In the spirit of an emerging App Store trend, Murray has promised to announce the first month’s sales figures and document the company's experience with the App Store. "The App Store is an amazing new opportunity for so many smaller developers, but it is difficult to forecast sales and even harder to launch an effective marketing campaign. We hope that sharing our experiences will help, and the more developers do it, the more will follow. I think that will create a stronger ecosystem for everyone".

Flight Control is available now, worldwide, exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The game is on sale at US$ 0.99 for a limited time, before rising to the full price of US$ 2.99.

Price: US$ 0.99

Release Date: 6 March 2009

Developer/Publisher: Firemint


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About Firemint

Founded in 1999, Firemint employs 40 people and is based in Melbourne, Australia. The company has a strong background in mobile game development and has had 27 titles published to date. Notable mobile titles include EA Sports Madden NFL 3D (07, 08 and 09), The Fast and the Furious: Fugitive and The Fast and the Furious: Pink Slip, FIA World Rally Championship and The Sims DJ (iPod). Firemint is an independent developer, owned and managed by CEO Robert Murray. The company is known for its highly anticipated original titles Firemint Real Racing (iPhone) and Mega Monsters (N-Gage).


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Ph +61 400 024 012

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