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Flatspace II: Rise of the Scarrid

Scarrid character class among additions in new update.

Flatspace II has been updated to v1.05. The update is now live on Impulse. Visit for more information, downloads and links.

The new update is the first in over a year and includes lots of gameplay changes and enhancements including a new Scarrid character class, the Nomad, new backdrops, nebula opacity settings, slightly changed heads up display, and lots of other changes to improve the gameplay experience and general system compatibility.

Flatspace II v1.05 is now on sale via Impulse for $24.95. Existing customers will need an Impulse account to update their version. Visit the Impulse Reg. page on for more information.

The full list of changes is as follows...


-Change to splash screen image.

-The "black box" bug seems intractable without adding pixel shaders because different drivers implement the blending in different ways. As a result I've set disableadditiveglow=true by default for maximum compatibility. Many cards will show prettier explosions and flame effects by setting disableadditiveglow=false in Config.cfg.

-New GUI sound effects and GUI sound volume control.

-New nebulaopacity option in Config.cfg to turn down the intensity of stars and space clouds.

-New backdrops for in-ship screens.

-Slight change to damage/shield display so that hull damage is less obscured when shielded.

-Exploration money is now paid for each hidden base discovered providing you are in an unarmed ship.

-New Scarrid Nomad class, an unarmed explorer with a cargo scoop.

-Scarrid Abductor and Predator now begin with a Vampire MkII.

-Nomad and Scavenger classes now start with an X4 Cargo Assimilator or a Minemaster 1000 scoop.

-Faster recharge for larger generators.

-Odds of Minigun, Rocket and Flamethrower Ammo appearing on sale increased to 35%.

-More checking and less tolerance of old and unstable save game files.

-Default damage on first run set to 10%.

-Escape pods now come with compensation. Sale cost of lost ship and contents are credited upon docking.

-Bases won't stock integral items (which can't be purchased or removed anyway).

-Reform rate increased for Scarrid criminals who kill other Scarrid criminals.

-Scarrid clan is now shown on the player status/save game dialog.

-Scarrid calls for clan attack now has a few different outcomes.

-Exiled Scarrid now have a chance of rejoining a clan upon killing another Scarrid.

-It's harder to hire crew as an exiled Scarrid.

-The directional attack alert now appears when you are targetted by allies of your current victim.

-Default joystick controls changed.

-screenwidth, screenheight and screendepth options in Config.cfg are no longer saved out upon exit. This should make it easier to select an unusual custom screen mode without having to do it each time the game is run.

-The chance of going to jail when paying fines is now fixed.

Mark Sheeky

Cornutopia Software 

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