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FlatOut Wii

Stunt mode laid bare.

The stunt mode of the FlatOut series always was great fun: to crash through your windshield and fly dozens, sometimes even hundreds, metres through the air trying to achieve the strangest goals. This mode is being continued in the 'Classic' stunt mode, but now we're also introducing the 'Nightmare' mode for the more experienced gamer. This 'Nightmare' mode is much darker from design, as you can see in the sketch for one of the stunts, and are above all a lot harder and challenging than the original 'Classic' stunts. The feeling when first seeing a Nightmare stunt should be "wow.. looks amazing.. but what is it? Is this even possible to complete? This is insane!" and then your car shifts into first gear.. :)


Another major change we've implemented in Stunt Mode is the possibility to stunt together. Stunt Mode is already loads of fun in 1 player mode, but in 2 player mode its really twice the fun now! Not only can you each eject your own driver and both try to get the best score possible (or try to disturb each other, just what you like.. we chose a man and a woman for a reason) but the fun part is that they are both in control of the car as well. This means if player1 tries to steer to the left and player2 tries to go to the right, that the cooperation isn't running very smooth, so to say.. Once the first player ejects, the screen goes into split-screen modus and as from that moment both players go their own way.

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