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Latest instalment in the multi award-winning series – FlatOut: Head On is revving up for European launch

LONDON, UK, 5th November 2007 - Empire Interactive today revs up its multi award-winning FlatOut series with the announcement of FlatOut: Head On, the most destructive racer for PSP, due to bring its hi-octane motorised anarchy exclusively to the Sony handheld in early 2008.

Following the worldwide success of the FlatOut series, FlatOut: Head On takes advantage of the PSP's recently enabled faster processing power and the instant pick up and play arcade style. Boasting the most four-wheeled mayhem ever seen on PSP, with no less than nine different game modes, including carnage challenges, full career, destruction derbies, multiplayer party mode and the bone-crunching ragdoll stunt mode.

"This is the first time that the FlatOut series has been brought to the PSP, and the results are stunning." Rob Noble, Empire European Marketing Manager. "The developers have taken all the intense racing mayhem of Flat Out and crunched it all into the PSP. This game will raise the bar for handheld arcade racing games and pushes the PSP to its limits."

FlatOut: Head On is ready to drop the hammer on the PSP extreme racing genre, bringing high speed destruction and leaving more broken bones and wrecked cars in its wake, than a Richard Hammond Top Gear stunt. From rock-smashing dust ups in arid desert landscapes to down and dirty races through rubbish-strewn city streets, FlatOut's PSP debut is yet another gritty excursion into racing carnage.

The FlatOut physics engine delivers levels of extreme racing that have yet to be seen on the PSP; get ready for head on destruction that could literally leave you, the track and your car in pieces. Persistent objects like fallen rocks, shopping trolleys and car parts remain on the track from one lap to the next, creating additional obstacles to avoid. The more carnage you create, the more points you score, but the more problems you'll face. However using this to your advantage will get you even more bonus points by wrecking other vehicles throughout the races With multiplayer WIFI and party gaming modes from wheel to wheel challenges, demolition derbies and the fans' favourite, the ragdoll stunts, the only reason you'll stop is if you have no wheels left.

Once again you get to bounce the driver around like a ragdoll in death-defying stunts which leave the driver limp and lifeless. In fact it's never been more fun to see your driver launched through the windscreen towards various oversized objects (like dartboards and bowling pins) for the pleasure of the crowd - who will be grabbing your PSP from you to show you just how good they are!

Features include:

Carnage mode with more than 36 quick play challenges

Fully integrated FlatOut championship career mode

9 Demolition Derby arenas with Deathmatch and Last Man Standing modes

12 different Ragdoll events mode including darts, bowling, and ring of fire

6 locations, 40 tracks and 45 unique car models including rigs and school bus

4 player wireless racing, 8 player mini games and tournaments

Further assets and details about the exhilarating, explosive and destructive FlatOut: Head On gameplay and game modes are available now from the Empire Interactive Press Site:

Username "PRESS", Password "empirepress".

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