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Flashman Studios Games Up with Digital Art Group Lamplighter Studios

For Immediate Release

San Francisco, CA (February 21,2007) - Flashman Studios Inc. announces it will exclusively represent Lamplighter Studios, a proven digital art outsource solution for the interactive industry.

Flashman will identify new opportunities, partners and projects for Lamplighter Studios in developing digital art assets for the video game industry. "Flashman's numerous contacts and years of experience are a perfect match to bring Lamplighter's passion for gaming and their unique technical capabilities to the next generation of console and game platforms," said Josh Rose, founder and CEO of Lamplighter Studios.

"Lampligher Studios are development veterans who recognized and responded to a growing need for reliable outsourcing to the industry. In identifying this niche the Lamplighter team has already worked on popular fantasy and action projects, such as Guild Wars: Nightfall and Bioshock," said Brad Young, CEO of Flashman Studios. "Lamplighter is the calibre of partner that we're excited to help present to the gaming community."

Lamplighter brings to the Flashman roster their global talent pool, definitive project management process, and cutting-edge Daylight production system. Daylight acts as a "glass factory" that ensures publishers and developers receive ultimate transparency and flexibility on all projects. This online tool allows tracking and monitoring of assets, and facilitates real-time input.

Using this crafted production system Lamplighter is even able to work with companies that do not have artists, but require art direction, concept and modelling - the full spectrum. Josh Rose, Lamplighter's Founder and President, elaborates, "With our ability to bring art direction, capacity and project management to the table, clients can rely on our ability to deliver the project specifications with complete peace of mind."

Rose further comments, "Our Global team understands the intense process of game development, and the ultimate importance of balancing tight deadlines and high quality. This uniquely qualifies us to deliver the assets you need, on time and ready-to-use."

Ultimately this exciting partnership will allow Flashman to build long-term value with Lamplighter's artistic vision, and will provide Lamplighter the exciting opportunity to tap Flashman's experience and comprehensive game industry resources.

Lamplighter Studios is a digital art group specializing in 3D models, environments, and animations for interactive entertainment. Our proven track record demonstrates we are a reliable, professional art outsource solution for publishers and developers.

Ready access to resources is provided via our global team headquartered in San Francisco, and a Hong Kong satellite office. Our combination of world-class creative talent, exceptional project management process, and proprietary Daylight technology enables us to produce a new generation of video games for all platforms, on time and ready-to-use.

Flashman Studios

Flashman Studios is a unique, full-service business management firm representing developers, intellectual property and game-services companies to the interactive entertainment industry, with a primary focus on video games. Flashman works with clients on corporate strategy, marketing, branding, business development, negotiation, investment, and mergers and acquisitions. With offices in San Francisco, CA and Vancouver, BC, Flashman works with many of the interactive industry's most innovative and exciting companies to create long-term value in their business.

Flashman Studio's leadership and specialized knowledge has delivered some of today's most exciting gaming experiences. Flashman has been instrumental in constructing projects for their clients, that include: Cars Mobile (Disney/Pixar); Flipper Critters (Ignition); Happy Feet Mobile (Warner Brothers); WizKids Pirates (SOE-Denver); Happy Tree Friends (publisher unannounced); War World (publisher unannounced); Mushroom Men (Gamecock); Pinball FX (Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade).

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Flashman Studios

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