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Flash Egg

Flash-based virtual world headed to Korea's website.

A company which excels in making Internet flash contents, Climax (Represetative, Kim Seong-sun and Woo Jong-ho,, with its famous product, Flash Egg, has been selected as one of the global service platform(GSP) users by Korea SW Industry Promotion Agency(KIPA). And it will soon appear on GSP official website, on mid October.

GSP is aimed to improve competitive power in global market by establishing and utilizing public infrastructure, in order to send out Korean online games to abroad. Through this GSP project, a lot of prominent domestic online games are introduced abroad and the outcome is positively increasing every year.

Climax is a professional in developing Internet flash contents. They have been aiming to make inroads to foreign markets from the very beginning.

Flash does not require users to install or download the program. Therefore it makes them easier to access. It has a big potential market since “Wakfu”, a MMORPG flash game developed by Ankama Studio who made “Dofus”, has become one of the four most popular online games in Europe. They are ambitious to become a world best flash contents developer in that sense.

Climax’s “Flash Egg” presents a flash virtual world focused on SNS (Social Network Service.) Players could control their characters and make communities online like they did in MMORPG. Flash Egg itself is a portal service with rich contents. However Climax plans to serve rhythm action, puzzle, shooting and sports within the game.

‘Food Cart Crane’ and ‘Food Cart Puzzle’ will be introduced during mid October. ‘Food Cart Crane’ is now available in Japan provided by MGAME JAPAN Corp. ‘Food Cart Crane’ is to pick up a certain capsule by a crane and by doing so you could earn the prize that is contained in the capsule. Multiple players can compete and chat at the same time. ‘Food Cart Puzzle’ is a puzzle where you have to look for a same picture of different dishes by clicking it with your mouse to score. You also score, win a game item or clear stage by gathering all the ingredients that your customer wants.

A game called “Sugar” will be also launched on the same day. Sugar is for girls where they could coordinate different outfits and make-up for a character. They could also make a boyfriend and involve in different activities. They could create a story for themselves and share it with others through a community.

Director of GSP from Climax, Lee Jung-won, said, “Single flash games are dominant in Korea, however, in Europe and America, there are various genre of flash games. We want to do our best to develop world’s best online games.”

More information on Climax’s “Flash Egg” could be found on

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