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Fix Korea - Tactical Intervention

Minh Le's "Post-CS" online shooter set to test in Europe and North America ahead of its homeland, Korea.

The online FPS game ‘Tactical Intervention’ is currently undergoing development by FIX Korea and is finally ready to challenge the online game market after its long development.

Both FIX Korea, and its debut game ‘Tactical Intervention’, are currently not widely known in Korea, however, its possibilities have already been proven abroad, confirming earlier abroad services than local services.

The publishing deal with publisher ‘Mayn Interactive’ in the European market, signed last November, TI is to service testing starting at the end of this year. Preparations are being taken for the North American market as well, to start servicing from the first half of next year.

‘Tactical Intervention’ aims to expand beyond the typical ‘Counter Strike’-like games that saturate the present online FPS game market. ‘Counter Strike’ is a definitive game that has led the massive commercialization of the FPS genre, with easy manipulation and fast speed, strengthening game factors rather than the reality of it. It is presently a role model benchmarked by many online FPS games.

‘Tactical Intervention’ retains the fun features of ‘Counter Strike’, and yet has strengthened the realistic details and effects. All objects in the game are destroyable, and special objects can be utilized as attacking forces.

In addition, various character motions are possible, allowing users to enjoy dynamic combat scenarios, and military dogs• NPC with artificial intelligence help users to enjoy games in a more strategic ways. Combat applying various transportations are also another fun feature of ‘Tactical Intervention’, and the VIP escorting mode using automobiles are especially popular among testers.

Meanwhile, ‘Tactical Intervention’, aiming to set a new mark in the FPS market, have received the spotlight in Korea and abroad by the participation of Minh Le as a lead developer, presently Vice president of FIX Korea, and he is the original creator of ‘Counter Strike’. It will be exciting to see whether Minh Le, who have lead the mainstream of the FPS market for 10 years with ‘Counter Strike’ will be able to do the same again with ‘Tactical Intervention’

About FIX Korea

FIX Korea, established in March 3, 2000, has first proceeded its business on software development and distribution; now striving in content development. It aims to develop a global leading contents, with ‘Tactical Intervention’ as its debut project.


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