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PS3 sales surpass Xbox 360 in Europe, says Sony

Sony has sold more than 5 million PS3 consoles in Europe to date - surpassing sales of the Xbox 360

At Sony's PlayStation Day event, the company announced that it has sold more PS3 consoles than Microsoft has sold Xbox 360 consoles in Europe, despite the earlier launch of the latter.

SCEE president and CEO David Reeves said that Sony has sold 12 million PSP handhelds and 48 million PS2 consoles in Europe.

"I'm also delighted to announce today that we have sold over 5 million PlayStation 3's throughout Europe," Reeves said.

"We are particularly proud of this as it has been achieved in a similar time frame as PlayStation 2 which retailed, if you remember, at a significantly lower price."

Reeves noted that Sony has been consistently outselling its closest competitor - referring to the Xbox 360 - since October 2007, even with the latest price drop. He made no reference to Nintendo Wii sales in the region.

"I am delighted to be able announce today that we have sold more PlayStation 3's throughout Europe than Xbox 360 - even though they launched sixteen months before PS3."

"These numbers are a testament to the strength of the PlayStation brand throughout our region, the ever-increasing number of titles being launched, the rich content on offer and its appeal to different demographics and cultures."

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