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Fitness First U-Move Controller

A product to help you get even more out of breath.

Wii fitness games have revolutionised fitness gaming interactivity, but now the BLAZE U-Move motion-sensing controller opens up regular Wii titles to become a calorie-burning, interactive, fitness-boosting experience, by getting gamers off the sofa and burning off more calories.  The level of interaction with your on-screen character is heightened as it reacts to your own movement. With built in calorie counter and pedometer.

Doncaster, UK – 08/02/2010

It has been known for a long time that hours spent sitting in front of your games console is not the best way to stay in shape. This has all changed recently with the release of numerous fitness titles bringing good health and gaming much closer together.

Today, the next level of exercise interactivity has now arrived. BLAZE, with the help of Fitness First and healthy living advocate Mel B, have released the U-Move controller with built in pedometer. The U-Move gives you the chance to play and interact with most top action games available currently for the Nintendo Wii, you control how fast your character moves by simply moving yourself. Motion sensors within the U-Move controller detect whether you are sprinting, jogging or walking on the spot, without the need for any separate hardware. Your movement is then translated directly into the game, with direction and action functions staying the same as you are used to, but if you want your character to move, you’ve got to do the leg work!

The U-Move is also compatible with most dedicated fitness titles should you want the full Nintendo Wii exercise experience, including WiiFit,  WiiFit Plus, NewU, EA Sports Active and other interactive fitness games.

You will feel especially pleased with yourself when you check the U-Move’s built in pedometer after your gaming session. This tracks your total number of steps you have taken during game play and also gives you a read out of the amount of calories you have just burnt off. This special feature allows you to keep track of your progress, and gives a clear indication of how your video games, together with U-Move, can help you keep fit and active.

Of course, If it all gets a little too much you can set the controller into “normal” mode (or what we call “cheat” mode!), and the U-Move will have the same function as your regular controller, giving you the time to get your breath back.

Jason Cooper, Chairman of BLAZE Europe commented:

“We are keen to develop and promote video gaming accessories that really make a difference to the fitness levels of gamers. The best exercise, is the exercise you don’t realise you are doing, and this is why we developed ‘U-Move’”


The U-Move controller with built in pedometer will be available to buy from and all leading video game stores from early November, at the low price of £24.99

Please view the link below to see the Blaze Europe product page: 

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About BLAZE Europe Ltd 

Blaze Europe is a world leading developer and distributor of quality accessories and software for video game consoles, handheld media devices and PCs.

With over 20 years of experience in the sector, the research and development team continually improve and design a range of products to meet the needs of a complex consumer, in a fast changing market. This team has established BLAZE as an innovative and high quality brand.

The BLAZE product portfolio is distributed globally and spans all gaming console and media device formats, from the major platform holders such as Sony, Apple, Microsoft and Nintendo.  

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