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Fitness First range

Wrist & Ankle Weights and Workout Mat earn Mel B's approval.


BLAZE team up with Mel B and Fitness First to bring new accessories to the Xbox Kinect, PS3 Move and Wii

Doncaster, UK – 01/11/2010

Leading video game accessory manufacturer BLAZE have announced their latest Fitness First licensed products.  Endorsed by healthy lifestyle advocate and global superstar Mel B, the BLAZE Fitness First Wrist & Ankle weights, and the BLAZE Fitness First Workout Mat, provide extra resistance, comfort and safety to your Xbox 360 Kinect, PS3 Move and Nintendo Wii exercise sessions.

This Christmas will see the release of the latest Xbox 360 Kinect and PS3 Move gaming platforms, allowing player focused interactivity for all console owners.

Interactive fitness and sporting titles first seen on the Nintendo Wii are still gaining popularity at a staggering rate, and this is set to continue on a multi platform basis, with these latest innovations from Microsoft and Sony.

The New BLAZE wrist and ankle weights are specifically designed to ensure you get 100% out of your Xbox 360 Kinect, PS3 Move and Wii workout, giving you the potential to work harder with every single movement of your arms or legs.

The Wrist weights have been developed with the help of fitness and health experts Fitness First, to weigh approximately 520 grams each, which was found to be the perfect weight to add resistance, without being too heavy, leading you to burn out before your session is complete.  

The BLAZE Fitness First Wrist and Ankle Weights fit securely and comfortably to your wrists or ankles, allowing you to zone in on the area of your body that you wish to target. Whether you go for arms and upper body exercise, or if you want to focus on legwork, the weights can be easily changed over to fit on your wrists or ankles using the quick release velcro system.

Much research has gone into the materials from which the weights are made, resulting in the wrist and ankle weights being constructed from a soft, cushioned fabric which after a few minutes use, will feel like an extension of your body.

With the weights securely strapped around your wrists or ankles, this leaves your hands totally free to use the Kinect, Move and Wii controllers, enabling you to navigate the game menu, a luxury which is not usually possible using regular dumbbell style weights.

Of course, the BLAZE Fitness First Wrist and Ankle Weights can be used in any workout situation, whether at home in front of the latest interactive fitness game, or by strapping them on before your regular jog to the pub!

The New BLAZE Fitness First Workout Mat has been designed to give you the confidence to work out effectively without the fear of slippage or movement, whilst using the Xbox 360 Kinect, PS3 Move and Nintendo Wii Consoles. The Workout Mat gives you a non-slip, shock free station, to undertake your exercise routine in complete comfort and safety,

The Workout Mat is the perfect width and length to give you the room to move and exercise effectively, whilst the cushioned material  absorbs impact, taking the knocks and bumps out of your fitness routine.

Again, the BLAZE Fitness First Workout Mat can be used in many other aspects of your exercise plan, providing a soft and safe platform to stabilize your movements.

The BLAZE Mel B Fitness First Wrist and Ankle Weights for Kinect, Move and Wii, will be available from and all leading video games stores in November, for £9.99

The BLAZE Mel B Fitness First Workout Mat for Kinect, Move and Wii, will also be available from and all leading video games stores in November, for £9.99

For details about the Mel B Fitness First Wrist and Ankle Weights, please visit:

For details about the Mel B Fitness First Workout Mat, please visit:

Mel B started her relationship with Fitness First in 2009, becoming the face of National Fitness Week. Mel is fast becoming well known for her enviable figure and keen interest in fitness, following the success of her workout DVD 'Totally Fit'.

Mel is the also face of International Fitness Week for 2010.

Fitness First is group with over 550 clubs worldwide spanning 19 countries.  The brand is universally recognized as a symbol of fitness and wellbeing. 

The fast emerging interactive fitness market has seen over 20m Wii Fit ® balance boards sold worldwide. This figure is set to rise as new software products are developed for the format.    

 BLAZE and Fitness First recognized the opportunity to enhance the overall interactive fitness workout experience, by introducing a range of high quality accessories.

Mel B commented on the new range:

“The BLAZE Fitness First range of Nintendo Wii accessories are a great idea as I want to encourage everybody to become totally fit. I think this new range will help people realise how good they can feel by exercising regularly, and maximizing the potential of games console based exercise"

Jason Cooper, Chairman of Blaze Europe Ltd commented:

“We are delighted to be working with Mel B and Fitness First. We believe these are the perfect brands for our fitness range”

David Langridge, head of group marketing at Fitness First:- “The group is on mission to make the world a fitter place, so products which enhance our core business fit into this perfectly.’’

Information about all BLAZE products can be found at





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About BLAZE Europe Ltd 

Blaze Europe is a world leading developer and distributor of quality accessories and software for video game consoles, handheld media devices and PCs.

With over 20 years of experience in the sector, the research and development team continually improve and design a range of products to meet the needs of a complex consumer, in a fast changing market. This team has established BLAZE as an innovative and high quality brand.

The BLAZE product portfolio is distributed globally and spans all gaming console and media device formats, from the major platform holders such as Sony, Apple, Microsoft and Nintendo. 

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