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Fit Brains

Site load o'casual games with a mind-tuning theme.

VANCOUVER, Canada - June 3, 2008 Vivity Labs today announced the official launch of its all-new brain fitness platform available at Fit Brains hosts a variety of fun, casual games developed by brain health experts, proven to improve brain function while targeting the five major cognitive brain functions – memory, concentration, language, executive functions (logic and reasoning), and visual-spatial skills. Research has shown that the brain begins to slow down as early as age 25 but with regular brain exercise, it can create new neural connections and pathways at any age.

Fit Brains is designed by award-winning Neuroscientist Dr. Paul Nussbaum from University of Pittsburgh and supported by a board of scientific advisors. The team behind Fit Brains has identified the tools necessary to engage and motivate users of all ages, providing individual workouts that can be played alone or against friends and family with leader boards for players in need of a competitive edge. Fit Brains is also home to Dr. Nussbaum’s blog where he discusses the most up-to-date trends, research and news about brain health and awareness.

“Fit Brains is designed to be fun, personal and practical,” said Dr. Paul Nussbaum, co-founder and chief scientific advisor. “Our goal is to motivate users to integrate brain fitness into their everyday routine.”

“Parents, teachers and bosses who frown upon video games will smile upon Fit Brains,” said Michael Cole, founder and CEO. “It’s the best kind of gaming that anyone can do; the kind that makes the brain quicker, sharper, and better at reasoning and deduction.”

Players can choose to engage in Free Play, Recommended Play or Brain Circuits (3, 7 and 30 days). Users’ game performance will be integrated into their unique user profile, which will allow them to track progress over time in each of the brain function categories using the site’s Brain Charts. Each user profile will offer personalized brain fitness metrics and feedback tailored to the individual. They will even be able to earn trophies and rewards for in-game activities through the Award System.

The Fit Brains management team and advisory board includes doctors, entrepreneurs, and game-industry veterans who have combined forces with Vivity Labs to produce the highest-quality gaming destination on the web. Fit Brains’ games draw on the expertise of the doctors on its board, as well as the growing body of research in brain science to create gaming experiences that foster positive brain health and function. The brain has been proven to act like a muscle in the respect that with regular exercise and training, it can become stronger.

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About Vivity Labs

Vivity Labs, creator of Fit Brains, is an online platform featuring fun and engaging games, designed by neuroscience professionals, which exercise the five key cognitive areas of the brain. The games offer a variety of activities that help users of all ages maximize and round-out brain skills in an entertaining fashion. Fit Brains, launched in June 2008, is Vivity Labs’ first product.

Paula Adams , TriplePoint


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