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Fishlabs to present brand new space action shooter “Galaxy on Fire” for 3D mobile phones at Leipzig Games Convention

Hamburg, 15 August 2005 With its first four 3D multiplayer titles MotoraverTM, Robot AllianceTM, Cloud CommanderTM and Speed SpiritTM, as well as its proprietary game engine ABYSS®, Fishlabs has already earned an international reputation as a leading developer in the 3D mobile phone games sector. Now, at the GC in Leipzig, at the Hamburg partner booth in the Business Center Hall 02 F50, Fishlabs is set to present its new masterpiece, the brand new space action shooter "G.O.F. - Galaxy on FireTM", in an initial Beta version for all 3D-capable Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

"Galaxy on Fire is going to astonish experts and the general public alike. We have succeeded in souping up our ABYSS® game engine even more and realizing a fast space shooter, with complex scenes in real-time lighting with up to twenty space ships and 200 additional 3D objects, that runs smoothly even on older phones such as the top seller K700i by Sony Ericsson," reports Fishlabs CEO Michael Schade proudly. "GOF has graphics of the same quality as the 3D PC and console games of the late nineties. Its epic space battles offer varied and fast action for exciting entertainment even at the bus stop. Combined with strategic game elements for long-term gaming fun, e.g., intergalactic commerce with goods of all kinds or the online multiplayer mode with and against other players around the world, G.O.F. proves that complex 3D games are possible even on mobile phones with limited input capabilities and small displays without 3D hardware acceleration. With G.O.F., we are again substantiating our position as a leading studio for 3D Java games," elaborated Schade.

Fishlabs is currently engaged in marketing negotiations with various publishers. The full version of Galaxy on FireTM will be available for all 3D-capable Sony Ericsson mobile phones in time for Christmas. Versions for mobile phones by other manufacturers, for example, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sharp, Siemens and Toshiba, will follow in First Quarter 2006. The online multiplayer functions are based on the Exit Games Neutron technology.

About Fishlabs:

In just six months, the Hamburg-based enterprise Fishlabs has succeeded in attaining international market leadership in this segment with its lineup of outstanding 3D titles and its ABYSS® game engine for 3D mobile games. It is one of eight companies listed as a leading studio on Sony Ericsson's international developer website. Thanks to the powerful, platform-independent ABYSS® game engine, FISHLABS' action-packed, graphics intensive titles offer heretofore unparalleled quality; moreover, with sixty 3D-capable models by eleven different manufacturers or more than 100 million phones worldwide, they also enjoy unique market coverage. FISHLABS has also already reached agreements with one of the top ten game publishers for the first AAA titles and, in addition to these, will publish another six premium 3D titles this year.

For additional information, please contact:

FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH

Mr. Michael Schade

Geibelstrasse 46, D-22303 Hamburg

Phone +49.40.88 88 00 - 160

Fax +49.40.88 88 00 - 166



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