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Fishlabs announces 3D mobile MMORPG

Publishers sought at E3 expo

Mobile games developer Fishlabs has announced the creation of what it claims is the world's first 3D fantasy MMORG for the mobile platform, Blades & Magic, which will be available for exclusive first-play for publishers attending the annual E3 expo next week.

Modelled on the hugely popular Massively Multiplayer Online Games available for PC and next-gen games consoles, the new game from Fishlabs encourages players to explore a vast fantasy realm filled with demons, orcs, magicians and other traditional fantasy MMO characters.

According to Fishlabs' CEO, Michael Schade, Blades & Magic features an "amazing deep and compelling game experience," with detailed 3D characters and locations, 3D battle arenas with real-time lighting and various day and night settings and various special effects to bring the fantasy realm to life.

Players will be able to battle various NPC characters as well as engaging with other connected players across the world, earning money and experience as they play to increase their unique character's abilities, skills and weaponry.

"Powered by the multiplayer middleware Exit Games Neutron we will take full advantage of 2.5G and 3G connected mobile phones worldwide," Schade stated. "By introducing a multiplayer battle system that dynamically adapts to increasing network speeds and featuring additional content downloads, Blades & Magic will be another milestone in the evolution of mobile gaming."

The game has been specifically crafted for the mobile platform using Fishlabs' proprietary 3D mobile gaming development tools and the ABYSS 2 game engine. The game is scheduled for a fourth quarter 2006 release, supporting all major 3D and 2D Java-enabled handsets to guarantee maximum coverage.

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