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Piscine vs feline warfare coming to Xbox LIVE Indie Games.


Move over angry fowl there’s a bigger fish in town! FishCraft, an action packed physics game, is coming to Xbox Live Indie Games in early Q1 2011. The cats have consumed the friends and family of the fish. These are some pissed fish. They will stop at nothing to destroy the fortresses the cats have constructed for themselves in 63 unique puzzling battles in this epic war!

Nampa, ID – NotPlanA subsidiary FrozenSoft is pleased to announce FishCraft, a new action packed physics game in which the player helps the pissed fish get revenge against the cats that have eaten their friends and family. The cats have constructed fortresses and puzzles to protect themselves but the fish pack a heavy arsenal. Prepare for war.

FishCraft features a 7 battle trial mode that allows players to get a taste of the game and the different types of fish that can be used to battle against the cats. Once the game is purchased all 63 unique puzzling battles are unlocked along with 5 unique fish, each with their own special attack abilities. Many puzzles have been designed so that launching an attack of multiple fish at once may be required.

Each battle must be completed before subsequent battles are unlocked. A 3 star battle point system has been implemented to award players for optimal destruction and technique. The player is awarded points for destroying objects, defeating cats, and for having a minimal amount of fish casualties.

FishCraft is running on XNA 4.0 and is powered by Torque X 2D CEV. The team consists of three core individuals, Chris Hubler – Art & Design, Josh Neider – Programming & Marketing and Barry Hubler – Level Design. 

FishCraft will be available as an Xbox 360 Live Indie Game. For more details about the game, including trailers, screenshots and the development blog, please visit Check out one of the game’s trailers here:


Josh Neider  

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