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First Screens of Earth 2160’s ‘Picture in Picture’ mode

Your convoy is being hunted, your scout has gone missing and just before your final assault on the enemy base. When you think nothing more can go wrong sirens sound with warnings of an imminent attack on your city's battlements. Your next move is vital! Do you risk zooming your cursor to the other side of the map costing valuable seconds to save your depleting fleet? Or maybe you track down your special agents to see if they've found how to penetrate the opponents' gates? If only you could be in two places at once?

Demonstrating the impressive capabilities of the Earth 4 engine, the innovative Earth 2160 provides players with 'Picture in Picture' mode. With 'Picture in Picture' you can keep a close eye on integral units in one region while engaging war in another. Undoubtedly 'PIP' will become an integral part of your gaming experience and the best way to keep out a watchful eye, even when in the heart of battle. Tactical manoeuvres can be carried out with finesse as you are able to assess a situation from multiple view points, simultaneously. Counter attack an enemy ambush or switch to a first-person view to see not just what lies beneath your feet but what also flies overhead. Two places at once? Now you can be.

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