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First half of year Japanese sales figures published

PSP tops hardware sales as Mario Kart Wii outsells software rivals

The Sony PlayStation Portable was the fastest selling piece of hardware in Japan between March 31 and September 28, according to Famitsu, and reported by Kotaku.

Mario Kart Wii was named the highest selling software title for the first half of the year. However this came as news broke that the Japanese home videogame market shrunk 21.3 per cent during the same six month period.

Japanese hardware sales follow:

Nintendo DS

  • First half of the year: 1,314,919
  • Total units sold: 23,484,680


  • First half of the year: 1,583,731
  • Total units sold: 10,157,757


  • First half of the year: 1,105,174
  • Total units sold: 6,800,753

PlayStation 3

  • First half of the year: 352,457
  • Total units sold: 2,361,949

Xbox 360

  • First half of the year: 138,740
  • Total units sold: 741,298

Japanese software sales follow:

Mario Kart Wii

  • First half of the year: 1,744,387
  • Total units sold: 1,744,387

Monster Hunter Portable 2ndG

  • First half of the year: 1,602,386
  • Total units sold: 2,425,651

Pokémon Platinum

  • First half of the year: 1,481,725
  • Total units sold: 1,481,725

Dragon Quest V

  • First half of the year: 1,152,229
  • Total units sold: 1,152,229

Wii Fit

  • First half of the year: 845,238
  • Total units sold: 2,607,431
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