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First Games Industry Africa Awards winners announced

Kiro'o Games wins team of the year and three more categories including Most Impactful Mobile Game

Games Industry Africa today announced the winners of the first Games Industry Africa Awards (GIAA).

The organization's inaugural initiative aimed to recognize the "diverse portfolio of video games from the continent."

Publisher Kiro'o Games led with the most category wins this year, which included Industry Innovation of the Year, Team of the Year, Most Impactful Mobile Game, and Debut of the Year.

Kiro'o Games wins team of the year and three more categories including most impactful mobile game

"Africa is large, but the games industry is still relatively nascent compared to its geographical contemporaries," said the GIA.

"An acknowledgement of the pool of talent is a way to aid continuous growth as well as inspire the next generation of creators and developers."

Here is the list of winners in full:

  • Most Impactful Mobile Game : Aurion: Kajuta Gems Fighter - Kiro'o Games
  • Educational Initiative of the Year: - Ubongo Game Lab
  • Event of the year: Africa Games Week
  • Industry Innovation of the Year: Rebuntu - Kiro'o Games
  • Mentor of the Year: Johana Riquier
  • GIAA One to Watch: Dungeon Crawler - Estelle Makhoba, Kate Howell and Joe Ruotolo
  • Debut of the Year: Aurion Kajuta Gems Fighters - Kiro'o Games
  • 2021 GIA Icon: Eyram Tawia
  • Team of the Year: Kiro'o Games
  • Person(s) of the Year: Hugo Obi - Maliyo Games

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