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First Ever Bollywood Interactive DVD Trivia Game

Powered by ACQtive™ Technology

Ref: Filmigame/Launch

10th February 2005

Bollywood movie lovers all over the globe are in for a treat. A new and exciting form of entertainment, an interactive DVD trivia game is being launched by US based company UNAMEDIA. The FILMIGAME puts the buzz back into Bollywood trivia. It gives players the chance to test their knowledge on movies, songs, stars, dances and dialogues. So whether each participant knows a lot or a little about the intriguing world of Bollywood, everyone is guaranteed to have an unforgettable and action packed time!

The FILMIGAME has been designed and developed by two dynamic Asian women based in the US, Sunaina Anand and Prita Uppal. Their main goal as UNAMEDIA is to bring people the most innovative and creative, culturally targeted entertainment. They aim to do this through advanced gaming and entertainment techniques, such as The FILMIGAME.

The game is powered by ACQtiveTM Technology, a proprietary technology developed by UNAMEDIA to enhance The FILMIGAME experience. The ACQtiveTM technology allows the DVD player to be used as a gaming device. With the technology being coded entirely onto the DVD. Uniquely, ACQtiveTM also allows the DVD player to randomise the questions chosen, thereby providing a new and different game every time it is played. The FILMIGAME is designed to play in any device that plays standard, commercially available DVDs. The devices include stand-alone DVD players, desktop or laptop computers with attached DVD players, and gaming devices such as Playstation or X-Box.

The FILMIGAME is simple yet full of excitement. The goal is to be the first player/team to successfully navigate the world of Bollywood movies and then complete the Box Office speed round to win. It allows players/teams to answer various trivia questions in several different categories, competing against each other, to gain points in all areas of Hindi film making. This includes 'Lights', 'Camera', 'Action', 'It's a Wrap' and 'Box Office.'

'Lights' concentrates on the stars of the movie.

'Camera' looks at behind the scenes such as directors and sets.

'Action' covers scripts, dialogues, songs and dances.

'It's a Wrap' takes care of everything else from production to promotion.

'Box Office' is the final speed round to win the game.

The interactive DVD contains over 1200 trivia questions and over 35 movie clips. The questions cover all aspects of the colourful world of Hindi cinema from movies, producers and directors to songs, dialogues and locations.

Both Sunaina Anand and Prita Uppal feel very passionate about this new game and are confident that it will be a hit with movie lovers all around the world. Ms Anand says: "We are developing cultural connections between people in a fun, entertaining and unique way. Our goal is to help people understand and enjoy Indian culture and traditions. And we believe The FILMIGAME is a giant step in that direction."

Uppal concludes by saying "We have created a whole new form of fun! We're taking the excitement of Bollywood a step further by combining challenging trivia with the movies. It's a culturally enriched game that reaches South Asians worldwide."


For further information please contact Media Moguls on 0208 902 5575

Hasiba Rehman 07984 647 027

Anuja Mehta 07980 542 214

Notes to editors:

The game is available to buy on the Internet at priced £17.99

Sunaina Anand has over 12 years experience in the Media and Publishing industries primarily focusing on the culture, history and development of South and South East Asia. She was also the founding editor of the lifestyle magazine, Maya.

Prita Uppal graduated from Harvard Business School in June 2004 and received her Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 1999. She was also in the leadership development program at the Eaton Corporation, a highly diversified industrial manufacturing company.

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