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First Class Simulations signs Flight Deck 4

Product: Flight Deck 4

Developer: First Class Simulations

Genre: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 / FSX Add-on

Format: PC CD

Release 29th September 2006

SRP: £19.99

Territory: UK, Scandinavia & Germany

Barcode: 5060020472558

First Class Simulations is pleased to announce the signing of Flight Deck 4 due for release on 29th September 2006. This, the latest incarnation of the best-selling Carrier Operations franchise, has been a best seller within the flight simming genre at retail across the world. Thousands of flight sim enthusiasts around the globe agree that nothing beats the thrill and challenges your flying skills as much as a carrier operations assignment.

Flight Deck 4 represents an all-new Carrier Operations product. This time the USS Ronald Reagan is your base of operations. During launch, a powerful catapult will have you airborne in just a few seconds. In recovery, your tail hook needs to catch the steel cable to bring your muscular aircraft to a screeching halt.

From the flight deck of the USS Ronald Reagan you'll fly the following aircraft:

F/A-18C HornetTM

F/A-18E Super HornetTM

E2-C Hawkeye

S-3B Viking

SH-60 Seahawk

C-2A Greyhound

A-6B Prowler

USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76

Flight Deck 4 uses an all-new simplified catapult launch and recovery system. You'll soon see why cable recovery on the short flight deck is both thrilling and nerve wracking.

The Launch

Hurry onto the deck. It's launch time and you're next in line. Taxi into position over the catapult. The launch team connects you. Set your brake. From his crouching position the yellow-jacketed shooter gives you the thumbs up. Shove the throttle forward and release the brakes. The catapult slams you to the back of your seat. Before you know it, you're hanging over the deck's edge!

The Recovery

Flying over the sea, the flight deck is barely perceptible over the blue water. Drop down and your home base comes into view. The LSO orders you to lose altitude. Fly past and do a 180¢ªturn. Flaps down and throttle back. Your fingers tighten around the stick. Line her up. The LSO gives you the green. Hold steady, Over the edge, the tail hook catches the cable. You're jolted to a screeching halt as your helmet bangs against the back of your seat. You're down!

Other features include:

IFOLS "Meatball"

Here's a tool you'll use when landing. The centre light on the meatball lets you know if you're above or below the glidescope to the carrier. Click to see the IFOLS indicators.

Heads Up Display

You can also use the HUD display to guide you onto the deck. On the left you can see that the aircraft icon is above the "centre" mark meaning that you need to lose altitude to stay on the glidescope.

Special Effetcs

Superb workmanship and special effects add to the realism of Flight Deck 4. See the steam venting from the deck surface as the catapult and engine afterburners get ready to get the aircraft airborne.

Special Animations

1. Launch & Recovery: simplified operation of catapults and cables with steam and sound effects

2. Aircraft: HUD, meatball, tail hook, folding wings, cowl flaps, afterburners, cargo door

3. Aircraft Carrier: detailed lower deck, navaids, AFD, AI traffic, wake effects

4. Dozens of pre-set flights for each aircraft. The USS Ronald Reagan is positioned at 4 different locations:

Bay of Bengal

South China Sea

Mediterranean Sea

Coastal San Diego

For more information, please contact:

First Class Simulations

PO Box 586



OX16 6BY

Tel: 01869 338428

Fax: 0870 132 1026

For box art, screen shots and product information, please go to: http://www.contactsales.co.uk/FlightDeck4.htm

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