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First Class Simulations Calls in the Civil Air patrol Boys

Product: Civil Air Patrol

Developer: Abacus

Genre: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Add-on

Format: PC CD

Release: Available Now

Territory: UK and Scandinavia

RRP: £19.99

First Class Simulations is pleased to announce the imminent arrival in the UK and Scandinavia of Civil Air Patrol on PC CD. Developed by respected US based developer Abacus, Civil Air Patrol gives you the opportunity to fly a wide range of CAP aircraft in a variety of aviation scenarios.

Consisting of over 64,000 members, the Civil Air Patrol flies over 100,000 hours per year performing often lifesaving missions. Formed in the early 1940's as an all-volunteer organization, today the CAP continues to provide urgent search and rescue flights, air and ground support for disaster relief, flying officials and staff to remote locations, transporting essential medical supplies to accident sites and performing aerial damage assessment.

Civil Air Patrol gives the Microsoft Flight Simulator user the opportunity to experience some of the very important operations that these volunteers fly each and every day, week in, week out including performing critical tasks which keep the CAP such an essential part of the American nation's resources.

Civil Air Patrol includes a faithful representation of the organization's Rescue Coordination Centre to simulate operations. One of the CAP's major tasks is to conduct search and rescue operations. For these missions, Civil Air Patrol characterizes search patterns into one of five types based on the terrain, environment and other characteristics: Expanding Square; Sector; Circle; Parallel Track; Creeping Line; ELT. The player will fly missions which use one of these search patterns. Keep your eyes peeled. The target down below is small!

Civil Air Patrol is available now.

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