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First Casual Games Conference announced

Event organiser The Game Initiative has announced plans to host the first annual Casual Games Conference for developers, publishers and distributors in Seattle this July.

The conference is designed to offer business opportunities and insights for all those interested in developing web and downloadable games, which Game Initiative says are increasing in both popularity and revenue potential.

It's being organised by the Casual Game Advisory Board, whose members include Trymedia executive Jessica Tams, Chris Early (MSN Games), Dan Prigg (RealNetworks) and Juan Gril (Yahoo Games).

"The Casual Games Conference offers a unique opportunity for casual game developers to participate in an event specifically focused on their needs," said CGC Advisory Board Chair Jessica Tams.

"Developers will benefit from the direct interaction with industry leaders and will have the opportunity to tap into their expertise."

The conference is open to anyone interested in casual game development - including existing professionals, industry executives and those wishing to move into the games sector.

It will take place in Seattle, Washington on July 19-20, and those wishing to attend can register in advance for $195 via the official CGC website.

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