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Home is where the hearth is.

Barcelona, Dec 03 2010.- Korner Entertainment S.L. and Continental Producciones S.L. proudly announce the release of ‘Fireplacing’ for the Nintendo WiiWare™ service. This game will be available in North America from 12/06/2010 with the price at 500 Wii Points™ through the Wii Shop Channel.

‘Fireplacing’ is exactly what it seems. So you are about to try the first hyper-realistic fireplace simulator for WiiWare. Because… how many times have you wished you had a fireplace at home? Now, for the first time with the Wii™ system, you can turn your television into a fireplace. And what’s more, it’s not going to be just any old fireplace. It comes equipped with realistic graphics and a fire that will surprise you.

Prepare the wood, light the fire and stoke it. Or, if you prefer, choose the ‘automatic’ option to have the fireplace on your screen while you eat with your family, celebrate a party with friends or dine with your partner. There are fireplaces for every occasion because ‘Fireplacing’ is going to be completely configurable by every kind of user. That means you’re going to be able to do all of the necessary steps but, if you prefer, you’re also going to have the option of choosing the ‘automatic’ mode to have the fireplace on your screen like a latest-generation decoration.

Besides, you can find the right fireplace for every moment, as it will be possible to choose between some different designs including ‘’Christmas’ or ‘Love’ style.

Who wouldn’t like to have a fireplace at home?

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