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Fireglow games released a new exciting demo for STRANGER

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 9 November 2007 - Leading video game publisher, Fireglow Games®, today released a new demo for "Stranger", Fireglow's upcoming RPG, which features the best elements of real-time strategy.

You can download the demo here:


You will be able to find the game in stores in the end of November 2007.

About Stranger:

Stranger is an RPG blended with the best elements of RTS.

An innovative and never before seen magical system allows you to select your own strategy and tactics in the course of a battle, providing the suitable response to the enemy's move - you will be surprised by how simple yet versatile it is.

Hiring, training and control over squads of infantry and archers - you will take part in clarifying the eternal question of what more is important - might and weaponry or cunning and magic.

There are three heroes - each different, each with their own personality and preferences in combat and magic. What will happen when they assemble in a single squad?

The colorful universe of Stranger is inhabited not only by hundreds of types of monsters but also by intelligent tribes, which can either be your allies or your enemies.

All of this is "Stranger" - 2 worlds, 3 destinies.


RPG blended with some of the best RTS elements

3 main heroes and a wide variety of units to choose from

Over 100 different monsters

Unique and flexible magic system

Great variety of items and gear

More than 30 hours of single player action

Multiplayer with up to 8 players

Level design enables distinctive tactical options


For additional information, please contact:

Max Dolmar



Fireglow Games® Publishing focuses on the marketing and promotion of first - and third-party products, with the goal of North American and Western European market penetration through publishing and distribution agreements.

Fireglow Studios has developed the Sudden Strike series: Sudden Strike, Sudden Strike Forever, Sudden Strike II, Sudden Strike - Resource War, Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory . ( http://www.suddenstrike.com), and Stranger ( http://www.strangergame.com - an independent RTS/RPG brand).

Fireglow subsidiary studio, Fireglow Casual Studio, founded in 2006, has developed Plumeboom: The First Trial and The Golden Path of Plumeboom ( http://www.plumeboom.com - a casual games brand).

For more information about Fireglow, visit http://www.fireglowgames.com.

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