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Fireglow and Tri Synergy Announce Pirate's Revenge!

Upton, MA, July 26th, 2007 - Fireglow Games ( and Tri Synergy, Inc. ( are thrilled to announce that they will be co-publishing Pirate's Revenge, a fun and addictive arcade action game set on the high seas, developed by Fireglow Casual Games Studio. The ship captains and fierce pirates among us can expect to see Pirate's Revenge boarding retail shelves in mid-August.

Pirate's Revenge is an arcade action game on the high seas. Successful pirates are rewarded with money and resources which are looted from defeated enemies' sunken ships. From your island base you can use these resources and treasure to build better ships, weapons and cannon balls to turn the tides in your favor for future battles. If you're lucky enough to obtain an enemy ships' design plans you can build faster ships with better armor and equip them with more powerful cannons. Now you'll be capable of shooting further, faster, and inflicting more damage. Blast your way to victory and riches!

Features of Pirate's Revenge include:

° 35 Single player missions

° Fierce naval battles

° 4 Buildable ships

° Night, day, and weather effects

° Multiplayer LAN & internet play

° Weapons and ships upgrades

Stay tuned for more information on Pirate's Revenge as there will be plenty of screenshots and videos to plunder in anticipation of the game's maiden voyage!


Fireglow Games is a game developer and publisher which is well known for its development of the Sudden Strike series (Sudden Strike, Sudden Strike Forever, Sudden Strike II and Sudden Strike - Resource War).

Fireglow is now developing other games for the Sudden Strike series (including Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory), and is also launching another independent brand, Stranger, and opened a casual games subsidiary, Fireglow Casual Studio, which creates casual games, including an new brand series, Plumeboom.

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