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Final Fantasy XI study

Press Release 27 Feb. 05 is a post-graduate study investigating video gaming anthropology being undertaken by Alan Meades at Middlesex University, UK. The study focuses upon the comparative differences in play-style, preference, and behaviour between players of Final Fantasy XI from different geographical / cultural backgrounds. Reference is made to Geert Hofstede's popular concept of cultural difference (organisational management studies) and the study, in part attempts to explore whether his theories can be applied to inter-cultural gaming communities.

In order to generate this data Final Fantasy XI players from around the world are invited to fill out a short online survey currently available in English language and Japanese (although Alan intends to arrange for further language translations - and is looking for FFXI playing volunteers who may be able to assist with this). The survey consists of 26 multiple choice questions and 6 support questions; it should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. All of this data will remain confidential and will only be used in this study, the study will be published in June 2006 and respondents can choose to obtain a copy of the findings (English language only at this point).

Square-Enix's Final fantasy XI is unique in comparison to other current generation mass-popularity graphical MMORPGs by virtue of its inter-cultural design, where players from all global geographical regions mix upon the same server shards. This makes Final Fantasy XI especially suitable for such comparative behavioural / preferential analysis as players can be assumed to have experienced broadly similar world options and dynamics - the differences largely being informed by their cultural background and the protocols formed by the populations of their allocated server.

Bearing in mind the considerable player population on Final Fantasy XI (in excess of 1500000 registered accounts, belonging to an unconfirmed number of players, probably in excess of 800,000) it is important that this study generates as large, diverse, and therefore representative cross section of the FFXI playing public. In order to do this it is important that this study is promoted as much as possible, and this is in part why you have been sent this information. Would it be possible for you to publicise this study, either via publications, either web or print, or simply by alerting any FFXI players that you know.

If you have any questions, or require any information please feel free to contact Alan Meades directly:

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