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Final Fantasy creator's independent studio working on two new RPGs

Hironobu Sakaguchi has elaborated on his plans for Mist Walker, the studio he founded after leaving Square Enix, where he directed the Final Fantasy series from the outset.

Former Final Fantasy series director Hironobu Sakaguchi's independent development studio Mist Walker is working on a pair of new role-playing games, Sakaguchi himself has revealed in an interview on a Japanese website.

"We've started working on two full-scale projects, and they're both RPGs," he said. "I'm packing in all of my 20 years of experience and knowledge to make these games the best that I've created."

Although Sakaguchi himself acknowledges that he has been absent from the creative field for over two years, he still believes his new studio can deliver product to rival his most celebrated moments at Squaresoft (now Square Enix), where he presided over the Final Fantasy series from the outset. "Mist Walker is a small studio, but we've got a lot of sharp employees," he said.

The man often described as the "father of Final Fantasy" did not elaborate on plans for the two RPG projects, but indicated that they would remain faithful to his past work, which placed a heavy emphasis on challenging narrative.

"I'll incorporate the good points from past games, but I'm working to my limit in hopes that these games will bring tears to the eyes of their players, in the ways that only novels and movies could," he added.

Neither project is named or attached to a particular platform yet, but the developer has been working in earnest since April of this year.

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