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Developer: Square Enix CO., LTD.
Publisher: Square Enix, Inc.
Platform: Mobile entertainment devices
Genre: RPG
Ship Date: 2006

Originally released in 1987, FINAL FANTASY's enthralling story and extraordinary graphics spawned a series now numbering twelve core titles. FINAL FANTASY is the origin of hallmark series features such as the job system and class changing, and retains its original charm while making the evolution to convenient play on mobile phones.

Since ages long past, the legend of the Light has been handed down from generation to generation.

The legend tells that the world would remain safe so long as the four Crystals maintain their brilliance-the Crystals of earth, fire, water, and wind. Should the Crystals lose their light, the skies will
blacken, the lands wither, the seas rage, and sleeping volcanoes erupt in a flurry of lava. In this hour four warriors would appear, each guided by a Crystal. They are the Warriors of Light.

Epic storyline
True to the classic original release
Intuitive turn-based game play

®1987, 2004, 2006 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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