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Film Victoria and Dissecta present: E3 Debrief Sponsored by Lava Injection

20 June 2006, From 6:30pm, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia, 5 June 2006 - Film Victoria and Dissecta present: E3 Debrief will be held 20th June in Melbourne, sponsored by game audio and music studio Lava Injections.

At Film Victoria and Dissecta present: E3 Debrief, Grant Davies, CEO of Endgame Studios, and Steve Fawkner, CEO of Infinite Interactive, will discuss the recent E3 Expo held in Los Angeles providing their inside view of trends, issues, games and hardware. The talks will be complemented by high definition videos including the E3 Demo video for Dark Messiah from Ubisoft.

Thanks to Film Victoria and Lava Injection, Film Victoria and Dissecta present: E3 Debrief is a free event although booking is essential. The event will be followed by complimentary networking drinks. Film Victoria and Dissecta present: E3 Debrief is an opportunity for game makers and keen game fans in Melbourne to discuss the latest in video games and the industry.

Dissecta has also put together 50 free show bags for the event, containing a Lava Injection demo disc, Titan Quest (PC) demo from THQ, material from distributor Red Ant Enterprises, WoW trial disk from Vivendi, a CD single from Rubber Records, and other great industry related items.

Dissecta: One Year Old

Film Victoria and Dissecta present: E3 Debrief will mark Dissecta's first anniversary. Dissecta would like to thank the many speakers and contributors both national and international, event volunteers, and myriad supporters, who together have allowed Dissecta to provide a regular, grass roots forum to discuss games and game making in Melbourne. To celebrate Dissecta has secured the generous support of several game companies and put together some great prize packs to be given away on the door 20th June 2006, with the GRAND PRIZE including one of the first Pyramat Rocker Chairs to hit Melbourne, generously provided by distributor Stomp Entertainment (, together with a THQ Lifestyle Pack featuring The Outfit (X360), a limited The Outfit X360 faceplate, a Golden Axe T-shirt, a Stubbs the Zombie T-shirt, a Juiced lanyard and Psychonauts (PC), generously provided by THQ (

Film Victoria and Dissecta present: E3 Debrief will be held Tuesday 20th June 2006 starting at 6:30pm at the Australian Games Innovation Centre (Academy of Interactive Entertainment Presentation Room), in the Atari Building, Melbourne, Australia. Followed by complimentary networking drinks.

For information and booking details, visit Dissecta online at

Dissecta is an event based community, providing game fans and game makers the opportunity to hear and see the latest games and ideas, hear about game making, and discuss recently released video games with the creators. For more information visit Special thanks to the Australian Games Innovation Centre which is run by the Game Developers Association of Australia, and the Academy of Interactive Entertainment Melbourne Campus. Dissecta is supported by Film Victoria's Digital Media Fund: The Digital Media Fund is funded by Multimedia Victoria as an ICT industry development initiative aimed at bringing together technology, creativity and talent, for the benefit of all Victorians.

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