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Developer Bundle released, allowing old versions of files to be fished out of the bin.

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah – October 14, 2008 – Mogware Inc. is announcing the recent release of the Developer Bundle for FileHamster, which provides developers with a whole host of powerful features for improving their efficiency along with the ability to track local iterations of their files without requiring constant manual check-ins.

“We’ve all done it at one point or another…worked ourselves into a hole where we wish we would have checked in our local changes or just made a quick backup. If only there were a way to roll back the clock,” said John Renstrom, President – Mogware Inc. “This bundle includes the ability to easily roll back a developer’s local files allowing them to get out of any hole.”

The FileHamster Developer Bundle will be sold for $49.95 and includes the +Plus version of FileHamster along with its Script Plugin, FTP Plugin, and Report Plugin representing a significant savings over purchasing them separately. There is little developers won’t be able to do with this powerful combination.

“As if I wasn’t productive enough before, the developer bundle allows me to make backups, convert files, upload them, and keep a report of it all in a single action.” Dave Dangerfield, Web Developer.

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About FileHamster:

FileHamster provides real-time backup and archiving of your local files while you work. It enables you to monitor specific files on your hard drive and automatically creates incremental backups whenever those files are modified. It also enables you to store notes about the changes that have been made, allowing you to quickly locate a specific revision or provide a detailed account of the work you’ve done on a project. Users will find FileHamster to be one of the most comprehensive real-time revision control tools available on the market today because of its wide variety of plug-ins and SDK. Since its release last year, FileHamster has worked its way into many facets of digital media production, well beyond its original expectations, and now enjoys a worldwide user base in over 140 countries.

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About Mogware:

Founded in 2005 by game industry veterans, Mogware has years of real-world experience creating solutions for today’s complex data management and workflow automation needs. With a comprehensive suite of professional products, Mogware combines a variety of philosophies in a unique way solving many of the age-old problems of the past.

‘Mog Complete’, a team-centric automated asset pipeline released in 2006, encompasses everything a studio needs for large team development. The automated pipeline greatly simplifies the complexities of multi-platform development with powerful custom asset processing and lateral asset sharing. Mundane repetitive workflow can be fully automated down to simple one-click events making it easier and safer for the less technical team members. Additional Info:

FileHamster, a real-time personal revision control tool released in 2007, has grown world-wide and now enjoys a user base in more than 140 countries. Originally built for content creators, FileHamster has also been adopted by numerous other industries that commonly work with electronic documents or files. Additional Info:

‘Mog Library’, a simple yet elegant version control solution released in 2008, built specifically for artists’ content comprised of large binary files. Additional Info:

MoxBox, a powerful multi-threaded flowchart-style data processing chain released in 2008, allows a 300,000 poly character to be reprocessed, decimated, UV remapped, texture reduced, skeleton re-rigged and finally deposited directly into an online virtual world or other target platform in a matter of moments. Additional Info:

Mogware’s products help studios free themselves from having to divert internal resources to develop their own internal proprietary tools that often end up becoming a significant distraction from their project’s primary focus. Mogware’s products continue to be adopted by companies throughout the industry including some of the most well respected studios.

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