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FIFA 10 record

24-hour FIFA-playing world record set.

A new type of Guinness World Record was born yesterday (28th Jan) morning and its completion is likely to set the trend for a whole new global wave of similar feats of mental and physical endurance.

At 10.09am at London’s Victoria Station, the final whistle was blown on ’s unique 24 hour FIFA 10 gaming world record, which saw 9 of the 10 original participants set the Guinness World Record for the longest football videogame marathon on the UK’s premier football computer game.

Faced with major sleep deprivation it seemed entrants would drop like flies in the cold conditions. But a love for the game and a determination to be listed in the Guinness World Records drove them on weary eyed through despair and tiredness.

And it finally paid off this morning when the eight strong band of intrepid gaming brothers heard the most eagerly awaited final whistle of their lives.

Speaking after receiving his plaque from Guinness World Record Games Edition Editor, Gaz Deaves, gamer XnameX said: “Wow, am I glad that is over. I absolutely love FIFA 10 so was confident going into the challenge that I’d breeze through 24 hours playing it. I even thought I’d broken the record before at home in my bedroom.

“But I wasn’t prepared for that. The first few hours were fine but during the middle part my concentration levels dropped and by the end I was losing my mind. I nearly pressed the eject button a few times.

“But the lads were great and we all motivated each other and when we could see the light at the end of the tunnel we all decided to go for it. Now its over I can safely say I will never be doing it again but I’m really happy to be going Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition, it’s fantastic.”

Gaz Deaves added: “It’s been a long night for these guys but they’re in high spirits now and I’m happy to announce that they are all officially Guinness World Record holders!”

The challenge was organised to celebrate the launch of - the World’s first International FIFA football league online. The company, which gives gamers the opportunity to compete for a £10,000 prize fund on FIFA 10 using PS3 or XBOX360 consoles, already had thousands of frenzied gamers sign up in its first few weeks of operation but, following this record, it now hopes to have over 1 million players by the end of February.

Neville Langston, Co-founder of, said: “Never before has a gaming marathon world record been attempted so this really was a bit of a journey into the unknown for everyone concerned. But the commitment shown by our team has been incredible and we’re really pleased so many of the original participants managed to make it to the end.

“After showing incredible amounts of stamina, skill and endurance all of the eight record breakers absolutely deserve their place in the world famous book. We now hope that the example they have set will encourage other gamers to attempt similar feats and as a company will certainly look to be a pioneer in this area.”

Stryxa FIFA ‘10 Leagues are open to anyone over the age of 14 with a PS3 or XBOX 360. All fixtures and league tables along with regular news, photos and cup competitions are hosted on the state of the art Stryxa website which is updated daily.


Notes to Editors

Guinness World Record attempt

Location:London Victoria Station

Date: Wednesday 27th January – Thursday 28th January

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