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Fiesta Online

Soon to be launched in Spanish and French, with Turkish and Polish versions on the way too.

Hamburg July 22th 2009 – Leading MMOG Publisher gamigo AG announces today the upcoming launch of the MMMORPG hit Fiesta Online in Spanish and French. Pre-registrations for the Closed Beta Phase are open with immediate effect at, as usual following the first come, first serve scheme. Players can now save themselves an exclusive Closed Beta account and soon experience their very own localised version of one of gamigo’s most popular games.

Fiesta enchanting Europe

With the localisation process almost complete, the Closed Beta Phase is about to start. Both Spanish and French pllayers can anticipate the launch of their version within the next few weeks. Fiesta alre eady inspired 300.000 players in German ny alone since its launch a year ago, with the growing British Community living the Fiesta dream as well. On top, other languages are planned for 2009 including Turkish and Polish versions.

“We are happy to see Fiesta developing that well, fascinating so many players in Germany alone, and we are now giving players from Spain and France the opportunity to become part of this inspirin ng fantasy world.” says Elmar Kofler, prooduct manager of Fiesta Online. “Naturally we will be offering Fiesta to other European communities in the future and existing players can be sure there are a lot of addition nal features yet to come.”

Pre-registrations open now!

Make sure you’re one of the first to experience the fascinating fantasy world of Fiesta in Spanish and French! Prre-register now on the newly tra anslated website: / to get an exclusive Closed Beta Account!

Product-Information: Fiesta Online – the free fantasy MMORPG

In Fiesta Online thousands of players can discover a living and colorful fantasy world full of adventures. Together they complete missions, hunt for monsters or participate with dozens of other players in epic Kingdom Quests. What makes Fiesta really special are the diverse community features. The game is not just about training your character in battle, but meeting new people and spending time with them as well.

But not just its features are separating Fiesta Online from its competitors. Great cell-shading characters and detailed environments are making the game a welcome diversion from usual free MMORPGs. Its unique look and innovative features already made Fiesta successful in Asia and the USA. Soon, players from all over Europe can join the constantly growing community to discover big treasures and even bigger friendships.


· Free 3D Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)

· Carefully crafted, huge Fantasy World

· Detailed 3D Comic Look

· Differentiated Character Develompment with four Classes

· Many different Quests – among them epic Kingdom Quests with dozens of players

· Pet-, Crafting-and Merchantsystems

· Innovative Housing-System – the individual Mushroom-House is always available

· Comprehensive Guild-Support

· Free to Play – no Purchase, no monthly Fees

Title Fiesta Online

Developer Osn On Soft

Genre 3D Online Roll-Playing Game (MMORPG) /


Plattform / Engine PC / Client

Pay-Content Items

Official Website


gamigo AG / Behringstr. 16b / 22765 Hamburg / Tel.: +49(0)40-22 63 052 89

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