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Fierce Teflon & Steel Mouse Surface

The mouse mat you can grill on.

Mmmmmm.... Mouse Burgers!

Jupiter, Fla.-July 2, 2010-Leading online gaming manufacturer Rude Gameware today announced the perfect gaming product for this 4th of July - a mouse surface that you can grill on! The Fierce Teflon ® & Steel Mouse is a durable steel base and scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean Teflon ® surface.

The Fierce Teflon ® & Steel Mouse Surface features a solid steel core mounted on a non-slip rubberized base, coated with the miraculous DuPont invention, Teflon. Teflon has been proven to be the material with the least friction ever created. With the Fierce Teflon Mouse surface you'll experience outrageous mouse speeds faster than your own reflexes, plus your meat won't stick to the grill. Your friends will envy your newfound ability to p0wn them on Battlefield as well as the barbecue.

"July 4th is about America," said Michael Epstein, Chief Rude Officer. "And what's more American than gaming and grilling? I'll tell you: gaming and grilling at the same time. Also, fireworks. Maybe we can work those into our next version."

The Fierce Teflon & Steel Mouse Surface is available for a suggested retail price of $29.95 at and will soon be available at retailers worldwide. Rude Gameware also makes a less expensive, but far less flame resistant mouse surface (The Fierce Dual Sided Mouse Surface) that is available for $14.95.

About Rude Gameware

Rude Gameware is the newest enterprise launched by a team of gaming industry veterans. Rude Gameware focuses on unique features and functions that are strictly for gamers combined with distinctive style that represents the gaming culture that we've been a part of for over 10 years. For more information on the complete line of Rude products and a list of local retailers, please visit us at

LEGAL NOTE: Though it is possible to heat the Fierce Teflon ® & Steel Mouse Surface for grilling purposes, it is in no way encouraged by Rude Gameware. Additionally, Rude Gameware is not liable for any third-degree burns, house fires, or barbecued mice that may be caused by improper use of its product. Rude Gameware would like to additionally note that using the Fierce Teflon ® & Steel Mouse Surface to grill and then to game is downright stupid, and whoever tries it deserves whatever happens as a result. Lastly, Rude Gameware does not guarantee the deliciousness of any foods cooked on the Fierce Teflon ® & Steel Mouse Surface. If the consumer messes up the recipe we gave him last Thursday, it's his own fault, Jeffrey.

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Michael Meyers

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Editors' Note: Images of the Rude Gameware Fierce Teflon & Steel Mouse Surface are available without the ground beef - contact for the lower calorie versions

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