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Field of Glory

"Rise of Rome" expansion available for pre-order.

Slitherine is pleased to announce that the Rise of Rome expansion pack for Field of Glory Digital is now available for pre-order. After the exceptional success of the first release, Field of Glory Digital, the first expansion is now almost ready to be released.

Field of Glory Digital is a collaboration between HexWar and Slitherine to bring Slitherine’s hit tabletop gaming system to the PC. It adds a host of new features to single and multiplayer and a vast number of armies and troops and a completely new way to play game making this more than just an expansion pack - it is an entirely new game! Find out more about Field of Glory Digital here - or for the Rise of Rome expansion go here - Anyone pre-ordering will get Rise of Rome at the special price of £11.99 – that’s a 20% saving on the normal price of £14.99!


o A comprehensive army builder which allows you to design armies to a specific number of points and then take these armies in to single player against the AI or online in multiplayer. This adds almost infinite replayability.

o New random battle generator using armies created in the army builder for single and multiplayer.

o A new Line of Sight option. Games can be played with or without LOS. Hide battlegroups in terrain, behind hills or other troops. Beware of ambushes!

o Baggage camps which appear in battle and can be looted for bonus points. Some armies are allowed to fortify their baggage.

o Temporary fortifications such as palisades which can be defended.

o Over 100 new unit types including camelry, scythed chariots and artillery!

o 5 New terrain types - broken ground, impassable terrain, open fields, vineyards & steep hills.

o 6 new battles from the Greek & Persian wars, Macedonian & Punic War's and from Rome’s expansion.

Armies Included

o Mid-Republican Roman

o Late Republican Roman

o Gallic

o Pyrrhic

o Later Carthaginian

o Ancient Spanish

o Later Macedonian

o Attalid Pergamene

o Numidian or Early Moorish

o Later Seleucid

o Later Ptolemaic

o Pontic

o Spartacus Slave Revolt

o Early Armenian

o Parthian

o Later Jewish

o Bosporan

For more details go to the Rise of Rome page -

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