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Field of Glory

New ranking system rolled out.

Slitherine and Osprey Publishing are pleased to announce the release of a brand new ranking and data system for the award winning miniatures gaming system Field of Glory.

The Field of Glory gaming system has conquered players around the world and has quickly become the most played system for the Ancient and Medieval periods. Thousands of players are now enjoying Field of Glory and its thirteen army list companion books on a regular basis.

This new and impressive tournament ranking system adds a completely new dimension to the game, bringing an additional level of enjoyment and involvement. The tournament ranking system provides a facility to research armies and gauge their effectiveness on the battlefield, collating data from the results of thousands of games played across the world.

The ranking system is able to display each players details and results and outputs graphs about their performances. All army list details are also included giving players the ability to research success rates, rankings of players and the armies used.

The graphical output also allows a deeper game by game analysis that allows Generals to drill down in fine detail.

The Field of Glory official ranking system has been developed by Karsten Loh and Martin Wirt and has no equal in the wargaming world. Both Slitherine and Osprey owe Karsten and Martin a debt of gratitude for the dedication and hard work. Hundreds of fans around the world have contributed and helped Field of Glory grow and become the benchmark game that it now is. Now you are able to research and see their successes and failures.

Upcoming features for the system will include information about allies for each army list, the addition of doubles matches, individual rankings by country, year end rankings and much more.

Field of Glory is a miniature gaming system that uses model figures and terrain to recreate the great battles of the ancient and medieval world, written by some of the biggest names in the wargaming community, including the co-author of the popular DBM rules, Richard Bodley Scott. Field of Glory allows players to use miniatures in any scale to re-fight historical scenarios or create their own what if battles.

Tournament organizers are encouraged to submit their results and have them included in the rankings.

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