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FHM.com Web Game Awards

Flash Doom triumphs in inaugural gongs.

After weeks of voting and playing hard, FHM.com are pleased to announce the winner of their first ever ‘Web Game Awards’ - as voted for by the gamers on the site.

There have been votes for the bizarre to the brilliant, but from all 369 games on offer, FHM can reveal that ‘Flash Doom’ ,a version of the classic shooter from 1993, has romped to victory.

Created by newgrounds.com Flash Doom pulled in 20% of the votes from the 18-24 year old men. The winning developer receives first prize of £3,000 from FHM.com, while the user who nominated the game receives £200.

Chris Mooney, editor-in-chief of FHM.com, said: “People have been enjoying our web games channel on FHM.com for five years now, so it’s great to hand something back to the people that create these brilliant time-wasters. And Flash Doom is a worthy winner. While it’s not a traditional “made-for-the-web” original, it’s a labour of love and anything that takes us back to the halcyon years of 1993 can only be a good thing right now. Although I was a bit annoyed Mini Golf didn’t come higher.”

Hot on Flash Doom’s heals in second place is The Unfair Platformer by, followed by Castle Run in third place.

FHM.com’s editorial team also had honourable mentions for Robokill from rocksolidarcade.com, Flight of the Hamsters from digyourowngrave.com and Bloons from ninjawiki.com.

Simon Munk, FHM magazine’s gaming correspondent, added: “Doom as a flash game? Quite how the national IT infrastructure hasn’t ground to a halt yet, I’m not sure. One of my favourite first-person shooters ever makes a welcome return. Proof that free web games be as much fun as you pay £45 for. If not better.”


For further information goto www.fhm.com/webgames or contact Claire Berry on 07590507521

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