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FERION(tm) Celebrates 300th Arena!


FERIONTM is proud to report the creation of the 300th arena for its on line multiplayer space game.

Almost 6 years ago FERIONTM started its first arena (=Game) with less then 50 players. Now many battles later, we can proudly say that we have reached a new milestone in FERION history. The 300th arena! With an average of 1.5 months of playtime per arena FERION is getting close to have hosted 40 years of gametime for its players.

To share our exitement with our players we have a special discount this week of 25% on buying keys; read more about that on our portal. Also the top players in the 300th arena will receive a special bonus.


Don't forget you can join ANY public arena for FREE - so TRY BEFORE YOU BUY




Bone fide Journalists and Game Reviewers are invited to join us for free with a fully activated account. Just email> with your bone fides and we'll send you your unique fully activated key account details.


FERIONTM is a turn based multiplayer game that requires tactics, diplomacy and good governing. FERIONTM is played in your browser, without downloading anything. If you can read a web page, you can play FerionTM.

FERIONTM distinguishes itself from other games by its incredible depth, and the many facets of game play that require a truly strategic approach to become a successful player and achieve high ranking in the game. Players start as a leader of a planetary race. The goal is to explore the universe, invent new technologies, build up new planets, design build and manage fleets and deal with other empires.

Many online games are blighted by clan dominance, build and rush tactics, killer strategies, and cheating. FERIONTM is balanced on an ongoing basis to ensure these problems do not hinder the game experience for novice and veteran players alike.

FERIONTM began life in 2000, written by creator 31 year old Dutch developer Johan Geuze. Ferion began with a base of 20 players, with Johan adding to the game in his spare time. Over the years, the crew behind FerionTM was joined by 33 year old UK developer, Dai Williams, and 25 year old US graphic artist Brian Pace - making a global collaborative team, all the FERIONTM crew still donate their time for the love of the game.

From its humble beginnings, the game has expanded to encompass several arenas running simultaneously, along with a community portal and other associated sites, from a newsletter to a growing number of fan sites. More than 250 arenas have been played with over 300,000 players signing up over time. Right now the game has several Arenas running concurrently at any given time, including Novice, Regular and Veteran Arenas. Each Arena lasts around one month, and new Arenas start weekly.


The FERIONTM Crew: Johan and Dai, are available for telephone or email interview. Please contact Johan Geuze on +44 (0) 1332 239 301 or to arrange interviews.

LICENSES: Ferion can be licensed to run on your own server/site in your own language. For more information contact Johan Geuze at


FerionTM Portal:

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"I got two months of enjoyment for the price of 2 beers, now that is cheap!" ;

"Strategy at its best!";

"Praise for FerionTM - Well, I can't help but say this is an awesomely conceived game. At first, it looks a little bit like a game I really do like a lot, masters of orion, but it has been very very well ported to massively multiplayer. But the best thing is the intuitive nature of game play. And after yet another experience of "Man it would be nice if I could just...wait a damn, it's programmed in here", I just had to shout out my praise. The linear cohesion of thought and design of the game to maximize functionality while maintaining a great deal of logical progression of control makes the game massively entertaining. As I expand into the game, I begin to realize just how large the experience is, and how complex and yet fantastically easy it is to play--logically. This really is a great game, and a great game that lets you combine strategy with tactics and really work your mind against other worthy opponents. I think I will be a long time in mastering FerionTM, and I hope to be able to do just that. Praise again! "


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