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All-girl Counter-Strike Source team joins Reason Gaming.


DERBY – JUNE 12 2008 – With immediate effect the Female Counter Strike Source team previously known as ‘Feminized’ have become part of Reason Gaming’s expanding PC division. With a strong track record behind them the girls plan to build upon previous successes and represent Reason Gaming to the highest level in the European community.

With an undefeated record in the Femina Source League the previous Feminized line up have already displayed their potential with a flawless record. Reason’s new lineup will be taking part in the next season of the Femina Source League, SGL’s Benelux Premier Division and Enemy Down’s ladder in addition to planning boot camps and LAN’s in coming months.

The squad consists of five core members recruited from UK, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark bringing together the greatest female gaming talent in Europe, "We are proud to become part of Reason-Gaming! After finishing top in the first season of the Femina Source League undefeated, we knew it was time to move on to competitive mixed tournaments including LANs” remarked Kelly-Anne Chapman squad leader. “We have recently strengthened our team with a new 5th, and we look forward to continuing our success with great results under the Reason tag. Joining Reason will make our goals a reality, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to become part of their success story!"

“After venturing into female gaming earlier this year we were pleased to see so much interest and activity. Feminized had an impressive track record and with our other teams representing Reason at a European level we knew that the dedication and skills shown by these players were exactly what we are looking for.” noted Ben Dalloway, General Manager.

About Reason Gaming

Reason Gaming UK Limited is a leading British team which manages squads for Quake 4, Counter Strike, Call of Duty and Xbox 360. The team have noted success by representing the UK for World Cyber Games, top positions in the largest UK’s iseries LAN events hosted by Multiplay and numerous victories in major online leagues and tournaments. With full time management Reason are well presented in the media with content online, in print and on TV.

In Summer 2008 Reason Gaming are attending TLR Lan (Holland), Antwerp Esports Festival (Belgium), The Experience LAN (Denmark), Multiplay i34 (UK) and MLG (Canada).

Full details of the squads and recent accomplishments can be found online at

Contact: Adam Godfrey

Tel: 07956 144802

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