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Female Casual Gamers Finally Get A Story To Tell

Farnborough, Hampshire, UK - 30th May 2007

Pride and Prejudice. Titanic. Grey's Anatomy. Whether it's a best-selling novel, a Hollywood movie or a TV series, most forms of entertainment understand the importance of powerful storylines and strong well-written characters when appealing to women. However, for the millions of women who play and enjoy "casual games", a rapidly growing sector of the video game market, storyline has been the one element that has been virtually ignored until now.

Independent game studio nDreams Ltd, founded by the former creative director of SCi/Eidos, Patrick O'Luanaigh, today announces "Redemption Day" on July 5th. On this date, nDreams will reveal their revolutionary game Venus Redemption, and demonstrations to publishers and distributors will begin.

Venus Redemption is a unique episodic casual game created for 30+ female gamers, with a rich plot written by a noted novelist. Unlike other casual games, it features powerful storylines, deep characters, emotion-based interactive conversations and exciting adventure gameplay. However, like traditional casual games, it's extremely easy to play, requiring only the ability to move and left-click a mouse, and it's playable in short bursts if you don't have much time.

Venus Redemption is written by award-winning author Kate Pullinger, who co-wrote the book, "The Piano" with director Jane Campion, and is one of the leading pioneers of interactive fiction. Additional storyline has been written by BAFTA nominated writer, Gordon Rennie, whilst a unique ambient-orchestral musical score has been composed by veteran musician Tim Wright, best known for his work on the Wipeout game series.

Demonstrations to publishers and distributors will begin on July 5th, the day after U.S Independence Day, to highlight the multi-cultural design behind the game, which focuses equally on the U.S and European markets. In fact, the recent two-day voice recording session at the world-famous Air Studios Lyndhurst saw an equal mix of American and European voice artists, and puts Venus Redemption on track to have the most advanced audio of any casual game.

Patrick O'Luanaigh, CEO of nDreams said,

"We can't wait to present Venus Redemption to the world. After many months of development and exhaustive gameplay focus testing, we believe that it will prove a breath of fresh air for the casual game sector, and in particular for female casual gamers. With the technology behind Venus Redemption, we can now rapidly develop immersive and visually impressive story-based casual games that will run on almost any PC."

Publishers and distributors interested in Venus Redemption should contact nDreams ( to arrange either a presentation pack or an on-site demonstration. As well as individual publisher visits, Patrick O'Luanaigh will be demonstrating Venus Redemption at the CGA Conference in Seattle, Develop Brighton (TIGA Content Market) and the GCDC/Game Convention in Leipzig.

For further information, please contact:

Patrick O'Luanaigh

+44 1252 375754



Press assets

Artwork, logos and a unique audio trailer are available for press use, and can be downloaded from: You are welcome to link directly to the audio trailer.

About nDreams

nDreams are a developer/publisher focused on creating unique casual titles. They currently have three projects in development; female-focused casual game Venus Redemption, an unannounced 'Parody Game' which will launch later in 2007, and an online story-related project. As well as PC development, they are approved Xbox 360 developers and also have plans to take Venus Redemption onto the Nintendo Wii and DS. nDreams were formed by Patrick O'Luanaigh in 2006. Patrick O'Luanaigh was formerly Creative Director of UK-based publisher SCi/Eidos, where he was responsible for the design and gameplay of all their products, including the multi-million selling Tomb Raider Legend. Prior to SCi/Eidos, he was Head of External Development at independent publisher Codemasters, where he signed and produced titles such as the MUSIC series and Operation Flashpoint. nDreams are based in Farnborough, Hampshire.

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